Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bosso City match summary


Bosso put up another solid show as they continued their unstoppable march to the coveted crown despite being held to a goaless draw by sturbbon Harare City at Rufaro stadium this afternoon. This ensured that we take our unbeaten run to 19games.
lt was a thrilling end to end match which could have gone either way had both sides taken their chances. City a day before had used unsporting tactics barring Bosso from using rufaro stadium for a feel of the match venue prior to the match, obviously they thought this would result in them being able to stop our unbeaten run but alas it never was.
The match started at a cracking pace as early as the third minute we forced a corner which we fluffed. City gained confidenced and started throwing attacks at us but our defence stood firm on few occasions they breached it they found a stumbling block in the form of Ariel Sibanda. It must b said our midfield of Rio and Mthulisi was on holiday today losing the ball unnecessary, we tried to open up city but at times we hurried our shots. On one such occasion Mthulisi fired wide then a good move involving Man of the moment Mambare who laid for Bheki who hadd an outstanding game the latter skied his effort. City hit back beating Eric cleanly and charged into the area only for lnno to intervene clearing for a corner which Ariel saved. First half ended goaless with city using high balls to bipass our mid and rough play.Second half saw us failing to add the killer punch to our marvel to watch passing game and city tried to hit us on the break since we were commiting more man forward one such effort of theirs was brilliantly saved by Ariel. We made substitions with Simon replacing and lmmediatly stabilised the mid and in his second touch his solo effort almost gave us the lead but the keeper saved. Mthulisi then made a blind pass which was intercepted by harare player and the counter that followed hit the woodwork with the keeper lost and everone holding their hearts. Bosso responded with a counter Mambare roasting his markers on the center and releasing Bheki who had made made a run but he was a shade too slow to connect, we trie everything but city refused to yeild and were always a danger on the counter as they pumped evry ball to dangerman Nguwodzawo and Kalongoda, Grazo was introduced late in the second half triadd urgency upfront winning several freekicks and cornerkicks which the keeper delt with, in the end we settled for a share of yhe spoils and stretched our unbeaten run to 1n games a new PSL record
Player ratings
Ariel Man of the match produced a save of the match to kip us in it, he is playing a game of his life and its not surprising if he displaces kapini as the new zim number 1 9/10
Bruce Tshuma plays with renewed cinfidence and has just made the rightback his own 8/10
Honest played well made forrays upfront 7/10
Captain lnno leading by example made atimely intervention in 1st half and shut iut the dangerous number 11 7/10
Erick ver steady and calm he shut out their number 21 7/10
Mthulisi he was simple on holiday never clicked though he tried long ranges we wondwed the whole match 5/10
Rio another pedestrian today he was duly taken off in the second half 5/10
Mambare exciting to watch with fancy footwork,contender the calender 7/10
Bheki outstanding the whole afternoon had a shot written goal all ova it denied by the keeper he was a victim of many crude tackles 8/10
Kangwa exciting to watch on the left he kept them busy with his trickery 7/10
Milton played well he is hardworking and a true fighter 7/10
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