Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Have Highlanders topped the Log after Buffaloes win?

Highlanders scored a solitary goal to subdue Green Buffaloes of Mutare at home in a match they could won by an avalanche of goals. Bosso kept the hopes of landing the title alive even though Dynamos won their match easily, by 3 goals to nil.

It is reported that Dynamos scored easily past a nine men Black Mambas who also had an own goal by their goalkeeper. It is the third lucky own goal by Dynamos in recent weeks. The win made sure the Harare team is in contention for the title as they trail Highlanders by a point, though they await the verdict of their Hwange match result.

Dynamos had beat Hwange by 4-2 in Harare in a match in which their coaches were brutalised by the fans and spent the day off-sick, in hospital beds. While the PSL disciplinary gave a decision to replay the match, and the appeal by Dembare to ZIFA led to their award of the same match on the original scoreline.

Hwange have since had their appeal accepted therefore nullifying that judgement. This leaves Dynamos with a point behind Bosso but with a game in hand.

For their part, Highlanders played an entertaining match and were duly rewarded with the vital goal that may be the difference in the championship within the next coming couple of weeks.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Bosso, Dembare match grosses US$168 440

The top of the table clash between age old rivals Dynamos and Highlanders lived up to billing when it attracted the biggest crowd at Rufaro this season and a new record pay cheque for the domestic Castle Lager Premier Soccer League yesterday. For long, Dynamos have been the cash cows for the PSL and yesterday they proved that when they surpassed the previous high they had set for this season with 28 868 people paying to watch the Battle of Zimbabwe Part II.

According to figures from the Premier Soccer League office last night, DeMbare who had hiked the gate charges to US$5 for the rest of ground, US$10 and US$20 for the Upper grand stand and the VIP realised a gross revenue of US$168 440.

But the Glamour Boys were left with a net income US$100 050, with over a third of the earnings going to levies and various service providers.
Harare City Council, the owners of were the biggest beneficiaries among the service providers, claiming a big chunk of US$33 750 for the use of the stadium.

Despite the hike in gate charges, the stadium was almost full to the rafters before kick off yesterday. But scenes of violence between supporters from both divides before and during the game marred what could have been a good family day.

Before yesterday, the most attended match this year was the Bosso against DeMbare tie at Barbourfields which attracted 25 957 paying fans.The Battle of Zimbabwe Part 1, which recorded the biggest crowd at Barbourfields since 2006, raked in US$104 445 and left Bosso with a net of US$40 500. DeMbare have been the most rewarded team from the turnstiles as they grossed US$135 000 in the Harare derby against CAPS United earlier this year and banked US$79 511 from the proceeds.

The match was watched by a near capacity crowd with 23 648 people paying at the gates
According to statistics from the PSL, the match between Dynamos and Black Rhinos in 2006 which drew record paying fans regions of 33 000 still holds the records at Rufaro.

Highlanders' revival this season has seen the crowds coming back to rally the Bulawayo giants in their quest to win the championship after six years.

Highlanders' Battle of Zimbabwe Part 1 clash with DeMbare raked in US$104 445, which had surpassed the previous high of US$100 000 realised in the Harare derby between CAPS United and Dynamos in 2010.This was the most attended match at Barbourfields in six years but as was the case with the derby expenses gobbled up the biggest chunk of the revenue as Bosso were left with US$40 500 in their account from the proceeds.


Highlanders Supporters Association launch on the cards

Ngu X ongasolveki. After a dramatic comeback of fortitude and prowess, Highlanders Football Club pulled off a championship character to display the maturity to play just enough for the need of the day. While there is wastage and lack of luck that can be interlaced with the events of yesterday's encounter with Dynamos, Highlanders FC Bosso supporters are coming together resourcefully, this time even stronger as they join forces to form a concrete support base as a united association to support the hardworking boys. 

Still in its infancy, Highlanders Supporters Association is laying foundations to be a recognised body with global participation of all the fans and supporters across the globe, pledging their enthusiastic enrolment. While there is no taking away the 'Bossoness' in any one's blood, the legion of 'amabutho eBosso' will be looking to legitimise their congregation as a united body recognised as the ambassadors of the bigger brand, Highlanders FC.

Already in South Africa and the United Kingdom, these bodies have been operational and their functions are set to be invigorated and synchronised as the supporters unite to engage their resources to participate positively and engage aggressively the changes and motions that will make them active stakeholders in the system. 

Last week, the organisers of the venture came with a budding and yet unprecedented move of sourcing small donations of about $3 per person. Their campaign reached over 6000 people so far, with around 500 already responding to the cause.

The Bosso fans wanted to assist in winning bonuses after the players went on strike, organising payments through ECOCASH on 0775125454. Those with credit cards sent their $3 through PAYPAL ( using the e-mail address Donations are still open and ongoing.

On Paypal, one looks for the option of 'payments', 'send money online' or 'send cash online' and select that choice. The prompts will require for further personal details as well as credit card information, after which the individual will be requested to enter the amount. Once the option to send is hit, one is already registered in the system and the next payments will require an even simpler process, almost hassle-free. 

An interim committee has been set up and the announcement will be made as soon as all members have been contacted and agreed to serve the team with dedication. The interim committee will work on a draft constitution that has been prepared by the organisers. Once complete, all supporters will meet, read the document and adopt it as a constitution of the Highlanders Supporters Association. 

Some of the main objectives of the HSA is to recruit supporters to be members of the Highlanders Football Club, motivate and encourage payment of subscriptions and work at ways and means to help the club within their capacity as supporters. 

According to Nqaba Donga, the organising committee met with the interim committee members, though some were not available due to the short notice of the meeting that was held in Bulawayo. The meeting was chaired by Nodumo Nyathi, an interim committee member of the South African branch that is led by Collet Ndlovu, who is working with Doctor Msebele and Alexander Maseko.

"We will make a formal announcement and also get the executive to know what is happening, because we operate above board and want to remain as such throughout the life of the club", said Donga. He expressed his gratitude to the people donating the funds, pledging and supporting the initiative that is going on now. This follows members asking for the extension of an exercise which was meant to last a few days.

Highlanders FC Secretary General, Mr Andrew Tapela said that transparency and accountability were key, and that is why they gave the South African branch the greenlight. "If things are above board, I don't there is a problem", he said.

Among other things that will be the challenge of the association, will be the issue of driving the crowds to the matches and ensuring the peaceful nature of the football atmosphere as a family outing. Many people expressed satisfaction of the Bossolona movement as a mature entity that has abandoned hooliganism that saw Tshilamoya dragged before the disciplinary committees perpetually over the last few seasons, milking the club of money.

Mantengwane supporters, home and abroad will have the opportunity to bring forth their expertise and dovetail business plans to harness the resources available where they are for the good of the club. People in areas where only small groups can come together will have to liaise with larger group in the nearest bigger branches or forward their opinions and proposals to the main branch in Bulawayo.

As much as branches will have autonomy given the diversity and cultural differences of their locations, they will be answerable to the main branch. Sharing ideas and action plans require excellent co-ordination and the interim committee in Bulawayo showed their mantle over the period of observation prior to their appointment.

To the supporters' credit, their spirits have not been damped by the usual prophets of doom's skepticism and against all odds, have come forth to be counted. Many supporters like Patrick Ndlovu commended the spirit of togetherness despite the barking of the critics.

It is normal for the Bosso family to face the flack from rival clubs and from within, usually bowing to the pressure to the detriment of the club ventures. At this 'enough is enough' juncture, the only way is up. Those willing to be part of the bigger picture have embraced the movement with both hands and already contributing positively in cash and kind. 

Among other things, work and goodies on ways and means will be made public after the necessary protocol obligations to formalise the body. Not much can be revealed about the details and schedules of projects and roadmap, for obvious reasons. 

For the first time in history, the harmony of the working in unison for the good of the club will be fully utilised and be beneficial to the team, instead of individual clamouring voices from a distant mountains and valleys. Like the club that has stood the test of time since 1926, this is one body that must exist until a few seconds before end times. It may not be insulated against prejudice and malice, but members are adviced to heed the Holy Book that says, 'watch and pray'.

In all this excitement, let us not forget to pay tribute to a good fight by the boys at Rufaro Stadium. Thank you to you Kelvin Kaindu. Thanks to all the players and technical team. We salute the Executive committee under the leadership of Peter Dube. There is one Highlanders and one Mthwakazi. Together as one. Alluta continua!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Highlanders held to a draw by Dynamos

The much anticipated Highlanders - Dynamos clash started well with the Harare hosts dominating proceedings. They reaped the reward of their labour as they duly took the lead through Simba Sithole in the 11th minute. Dynamos controlled most of the match for the entire first half and Bosso did well to stay in it until half-time.

In the dressing room, Kelvin Kaindu constructed the structural and tactical demolishing of Dynamos who suddenly ran out of butter, an architectural move of high civil engineering quality that uprooted the stubborn Hararians, his tool being one Bruce Kangwa.

Kangwa found the priceless equaliser in the second half, rescuing not just the match but the championship, to bring jubilation and ecstasy to the massive Bossolona movement. Bosso began threatening to run away with the match, not giving away much and staying stubborn.

The share of the spoils ensured a classic end-game in the conclusion of the Castle Lager Premiership, as both teams will have to guard their remaining 4 points while hunting for the elusive 8 each. More details to follow.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Is it high time former players ran football? Me thinks.

(By Alois Bunjira)
When I was playing at BIDVEST WITS we had this scenario.......: BIDVEST Wits, a club sponsored by a BANK called BIDVEST plays against Kaizer Chiefs, a club sponsored by a BANK called Standard Bank in a tournament called NEDBANK CUP, sponsored a BANK called NEDBANK.

These two clubs are playing at a stadium called FNB stadium, which is owned by a BANK called First National Bank. Both clubs play in a league called ABSA Premiership which is sponsored by a BANK called ABSA Bank. Chiefs by virtue of being the home team, provides prematch and post match entertainment for their fans in the form of a music group and drum majorettes.

They also bring in cheer leaders. All this is financed by the money they get from one of their sponsors Standard BANK, who also chip in with money for bonuses when chiefs win. If BIDVEST Wits wins, the Bank called BIDVEST pays for their Bonuses. NEDBANK BANK has never been heard crying foul for that. They mind their business of hyping up their Cup game and finding ways of getting maximum mileage through that game.

They have the privilege of being the sponsor of the tournament and for all the prematch and post match interviews. It is their backdrop banner that is displayed. Can you all guys see how FIVE, FIVE, FIVE banks (Nedbank, ABSA, FNB, STANDARD Bank and BIDVEST Bank) are involved in this ONE game peacefully?

No wonder there is so much money in the South African league. When in Zimbabwe are we going to reach this level of top class football sponsorship and marketing where FIVE BANKS pelamborate in the same space for the benefit of the game and its players. WHEN?

(This story follows an eyebrow raising issue where beer brewers, Delta of Zimbabwe threatened bank sponsored teams, Highlanders and Dynamos who are sponsored by BankABC. The sponsors intended to lace the potential championship decider with goodies for the players and fans. Among others, the BancABC  wanted to offer $15000 to the winners, $5000 for the team scoring the first goal in the first 5 minutes as well as offering $1500 to the man of the match. 

There were potentially other good intentions coming the teams and fans' way but the Castle Lager Premier League warned of the potential loss of prize money if the teams followed the heart of their sponsors. Reading from the above script, one can see there is no conflict of interest between Delta and BancABC.

Since a former football picked this one up, it could be justification enough for former players to take football leadership and make decision that merit the game and the money spent on it. We salute the post of Mr Alois 'Criss-cross' Bunjira.
Alois Bunjira is a former Zimbabwe Warriors international football players with extensive experience. He plied his trade in Zimbabwe for Caps United in a very colourful career that took him to South Africa where he played for Mamelodi Sundowns and Bidvest Wits among others.)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Highlanders and Dynamos strongly warned against BancABC

The Premier Soccer League issued a stern warning to Highlanders Football Club of Bulawayo and bitter rivals of Harare, Dynamos Football Club over receiving money or incentives dangled by the club official sponsors, BancABC who promised a winner take-all of $15000, $5000 for the first goal in 5 minutes and a man-of -the-match $1500. CEO, Kenny Ndebele advised the two clubs of the conflict of interest with league sponsors in a detailed statement below. 

We appreciate that Club Sponsors are the lifeblood of our Clubs. It is important that Sponsorship rights are allocated and shared for the benefits of all Stakeholders. Football Clubs must respect contracts entered into by the League Sponsors.

Our Sponsorship Agreement with Delta Beverages expressly states that Article 11: Competition 11.2 Premier Soccer League shall ensure that the only major league football competition running in Zimbabwe during the football season shall at all times be the Competition and it shall not introduce any competitions or football matches which might reasonably be considered to undermine the status of the Competition without prior written consent of Delta Beverages with the exception of approved knock out tournaments…

11.5 Premier Soccer League shall endeavour to ensure that matches in the Competition: 11.5.2 are recognised as Premier Soccer League matches and shall use its best endeavours to ensure that wherever possible, it does not schedule matches of a knock out or of similar nature at the same time as the Competition matches.

It is important to note that the Castle Lager Premier Soccer League match between Dynamos Football Club and Highlanders Football Club shall proceed under the following conditions:
# The two teams shall play for points – three points for the winners, one point for a draw, and zero points for a loss.

# The Castle Lager Logo shall appear on all the sleeves of players shirts.

# Club Sponsors’ logo may appear on the players and officials tracksuits, warm-up shirts and bibs.

# No prize money shall be paid to clubs, players and officials, before, during or after the match.
# No club sponsors’ T-shirts, flags, scarves, bibs or other paraphernalia is to be distributed inside and outside the stadium, before, during and after the match.

If the clubs fail to comply with the instruction, the League will have no alternative but to cancel the match. Further, the League will withhold the full Castle Lager Premier Soccer League prize money of the defaulting Club(s). Such prize money shall be forfeited to the League.

The Castle Lager Premier Soccer League would like to advise all its members to ensure that they fully comply with the League’s Sponsorship Agreements, the PSL Constitution, Rules and Regulations and other relevant statutes in order to avoid conflicts.

We trust that the Clubs will guide and advise their commercial partners accordingly. We categorically state that the Castle Lager Premier Soccer League enjoys good and cordial relations with all its stakeholders hence our mission to develop elite football and promote the PSL brand for the benefits of its members and stakeholders through competitions, programmes and activities.”

Whichever way, the two teams have better fish to fry. There is 3 points separating the potential champions, Bosso needing the victory to stay in contention while Dembare will be looking to securing the deal. Stakes aside, it still remains the biggest fixture north of Limpopo and both are on a mission to dislodge the other's claim as the domestic power-houses of Zimbabwean football.

Asiagate - Corruption, the corrupt and the corrupted in football

In my book, The Anatomy of Football, one gets the feeling that exude the proper coaching mentality and the workout that the mind gets when getting down to the business of the football. The energy, resources and pride invested in the beautiful game results in total satisfaction when one draws a plan and dovetails a program whose results are there for all to see.

Building a culture of winning, a cutting edge of ruthlessness in front of goal while being very mean in defence epitomises the few elements that will comprise total football. Fans and supporters pay hard cash and waste precious time committing their emotions to be entertained by protagonists who turn out to be cheats.

If it is in Hong Kong and China, it matters less given that it is the home of Fong Kongs, but now we have manufactured our own original brands of FKs. It is from those shores anyway, where this rot start. It is in Harare that it was cultivated and pruned and it is from there that the contamination reverberated throughout the rest of the innocent country. 

What makes the Asiagate a boil in the grove of our football bottom is how much the local referees are perfecting the art. As the curtain is supposedly coming down on the football corruption scandals that dogged Zimbabwe for the last seven years or so, it is vital that you understand that the Far East betting syndicate paid players and officials to throw matches for their own benefits to the detriment of the fundamentals of the game, that is competing fairly and to the best of one's ability. 

That corruption has since been dubbed Asiagate, for those who do not know. It is a problem, a huge problem. Politically, Africa has no rivals when it comes to doing this bad business. Never before has anyone tapped into this African talent, until the Asians harnessed that rich vein with Zimbabwean football officials and players. If anybody doubted the Zimbabweans' talent on anything, this is one thing they did with great success. They plunged the game into endless and shameful darkness. They perfected match-fixing.

As we speak, it is said that eight players were absolved of any wrongdoing, while 13 have been handed life bans from all football activities, seven facing 10-year bans, 37 have been given five-year bans, 25 have also been given two year bans, two have been handed two-year suspended bans, six face one-year bans, two face one-year suspended bans and one player has been given a six-month ban. These are ZIFA sentences.

The guilty will probably receive heftier punishments, in some cases money wise as FIFA descends on the culprits. Players with lucrative contracts in South Africa and overseas are in deeper trouble. The clubs will feel the bite.

Justice Ahmed Ebrahim and ZIFA chairman Curthbert Dube have been trying to show how much effort was needed to wipe out all match-fixing activities that are taking place in the local league, but as we know, the game tasted good blood from the East since 2007 and asking them to vomit is a technical expectation. There has been numerous acknowledged and unconfirmed reports of referees colluding with teams to throw local matches, Highlanders being probably at the blunt end of the deals as you may know. 

Agent NG (Ndumiso Gumede) and Agent BM (Benedict Moyo) travelled the length and breadth of the country and continent on a mission impossible fishing for the truths. After all is said and done, it turned out that as good as money can be, it surely is the root of many evils. Having worked in Zimbabwean football years back, former Zifa and PSL president earned my respects when I travelled to Harare for the national football coaches association business. He appeared astute and upright with integrity. 

Like many other big names in the game, that crew for a long time being chaired by the football's most disgraced woman in former CEO, Henrietta Rushwaya, I can assure you that once tainted, always tainted. As Zifa are trying to bring to a close the Asi­agate, fresh allegations of those who escaped or those addicted to the crime will always perpetuate their tradition and legacy and they can be trusted to lick the fingers they dipped into the juicy sauce.

Zimbabwe dismally performed in the recent AFCON qualification against Angola. Many were silent before the match. There was hope that the Warriors would pull through given that 3-1 advantage taken from Rufaro Stadium, but as assistant coach Peter Ndlovu issued a passionate public apology to the nation, no one can say with all certainty that the technical team and the Warriors failed.

Again, which Warriors are we talking about? The ones whose names dominate the given list of corruption, the corrupt and the corrupted? This is not to hide from the fact that the double scorer in Angola is a huge name. In Manucho, even Sir Alex Ferguson is a fan, but if you have the officials and the protagonists who tasted blood, there is less logic in hunting for vampires elsewhere.

Let us look at the anatomy of the match-fixing involving a syndicate as what may have transpired. Betting syndicates collect cash from members of the public to predict matches. People get paid according to their predictions matches the actual results. The less people predict correctly, the more the profits the syndicates make. 

Take a boxing match, say Manny Pacciao fights Thamsanqa Ndlovu for $10 million. If bets total amount to double the figure, $20 million, there is more sense to both the Pucman and the syndicate, if Pacciao loses the match and pockets $15 million and the syndicate profits $5 million, than to have him win $10 million and the goon loses everything. That remains sweet until Agents NG and BM come after you. In some cases of match-fixing, syndicates kill each other. In others, there are jail terms. So far, the Asiagate troops are having it easy with bans from the game.

Asians knew less of football, following cricket more accurately and to some extent motor sport and boxing. Once one has a betting syndrome, they pay and can throw a match for anything, even on things they know less about. The platform for crime was made ripe by the financial woes during the time the Zimbabwe dollar was running hey way. Zimbabweans were easy prime targets.

The hypothetical conception of Asiagate was borne out of excellent identification of the niche market and the precise judgement by the Asians. They needed one person who loved money and had a bad judgement. All the CEO needed was to initiate a simple and innocent looking trip to the East just once. These syndicate-marketed matches popularised betting in football in Singapore, Malaysia and the Middle East. A few thousands of dollars paid to one guy and then eventually the whole team, made easy money for the individuals and innocent families who will now live and suffer the consequences.

All this betting money paid and lumped together, will not be enough to afford the national team a decent camp for four weeks. The goons however made millions. It is however common knowledge how the country plunged down the FIFA rankings. It is now a bone of contention, the coaching abilities of Rahman Gumbo and Peter Ndlovu. After one is done with the scapegoats, it must dawn to those who wield power they are responsible for the team's performance as the custodians of the game in the country.

The most painful thing about this, is friends I have in the ring. If found on the wrong side of action, I could do with some sympathy here and there. Knowing how much it costs to do good football, and for the pains of the millions of the Warriors fans and the lovers of the game in general, please allow me to advocate for the clean game and join me in the war-cry made famous for the wrong reasons on the innocent.   

Crucify them, crucify them.

(Keutsepilemang Ndebele is a professional coach, a former Technical Advisor of Highlanders FC (2001), former coach and manager of Railstars FC between 1996 and 1999. He was a football coaches instructors for Levels 1 and 2. He owned 2 football teams (KFA in Div 2 and International Juveniles in Div 4) and an Academy (KFA) worked on junior development in the Southern Region with Under -17s. He is an author of  football books, including the Best Seller - The Anatomy of Football  available as e-books or ordered as hard copies on   


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bosso takes on Dynamos in a mouth-watering affair

The facts about BancANC's involvements as sponsors of the two teams;
* Cheapest ticket $5
* Teams set to get 1.500 dollars for every goal they score from BancABC
* Man of the match $1500 from BancABC
* BancABC sponsors of Dynamos and Highlanders have announced a cocktail of events on the day of the match and monetary prizes.

Suluman Chimbetu, Iyasa, Tedius Matsito, Winky D will perform on the day

* BancABC is not replacing the principal sponsors of the league or ambushing them but just offering support to the teams it supports

* Teams to be transported in luxurious coaches for the game
* Special accommodation for camping to be provided: BancABC
* BancABC to provide special kit for the teams for the battle of Zimbabwe

Dynamos will open a five-point lead at the top of the Castle Lager Premier Soccer League standings if they beat Highlanders in this Sunday’s epic battle at Rufaro Stadium.

Dynamos have 58 points from 25 matches, while Highlanders are two points behind from the same number of matches.

With five matches to go before the end of the season, Dynamos will have one hand on the title and a return to the Caf Champions League next season after a poor 2011 campaign.

The two teams shared the spoils in a 1-1 draw at Barbourfields Stadium in the reverse fixture, and Dynamos hold the momentum after storming into the last four of the million-dollar Mbada Diamonds Cup.

Interestingly, Sunday's match comes in the middle of Asiagate scandal bans that have rocked the Zimbabwean football landscape with the defending champions' skipper Guthrie Zhokinyi affected.

Zhokinyi, who was dropped for the Mbada Diamonds Cup quarter-final against Gunners at Baghdad Stadium at the weekend, was slapped with a life ban for his involvement in the Asia games.

More bans, which could affect both sides, will be announced on Friday.

Bosso lost 3-2 to Monomotapa at the Colliery to bow out of the Mbada Diamonds Cup.

But they look forward to beating Dynamos and open a one-point lead and forge ahead as their centre of focus has turned to the Premiership.
Dynamos, who are eyeing another double this year, hope to maintain their dominance over a Bosso side that last won the league title in 2006 under Methembe Ndlovu.

It was also in that season that Highlanders completed a double over Dynamos, winning 1-0 in Harare via a Ralph Matema header, while Vusa Nyoni ensured another victory at Barbourfields in the reverse fixture.

The top spot has been changing hands between the two clubs with Dynamos maintaining their stranglehold before the two-week break when they beat Hwange 2-0 at the Colliery, with goals from in-form Denver Mukamba and Tawanda Muparati.
The chase appeared to be slipping away from Bosso when they hosted Black Mambas at Barbourfields on the same day before right-back Lawson Nkomo rifled a stinger in added time that kept the Bulawayo giants on track in a match that looked headed for a goalless deadlock.

Highlanders players went on strike two weeks ago protesting against unpaid winning bonuses before they returned to training last Wednesday in preparation for their cup tie which they lost to Monomotapa. Many attributing the defeat to lack of fitness due to the industrial action.

After resting on Monday, they trained at White City Stadium yesterday morning as they started preparations for the epic battle.
Monomotapa v Black Mambas (Rufaro Stadium), Quelaton v Harare City (Luveve Stadium), Blue Rangers v Motor Action (Gwanzura Stadium), FC Platinum v Chicken Inn (Mandava Stadium).

Monday, October 22, 2012

Highlanders supporters in unprecedented ventures

Call it crazy if you are a Bosso lazy bum or a hater, but Highlanders Football Club supporters have engaged unprecedented means and ways to take club matters into their mighty hands to assist the team players after the players boycotted training due to unpaid bonuses. In a move that has surprised many friends and foes alike, some of who laced their distaste of progress with their venomous attitudes demonstrating small minds, the brave and the broad members are pooling together small bits of cash to donate to the club for the players' bonuses.

The story is the beginning of a strong movement that Bosso fans will engage in for a more formidable and perpetual ongoing income generation. For this part of the project, those in Zimbabwe contribute a minimum of $3 towards Bosso winning bonuses through ECOCASH on 0775125454. Those outside Zimbabwe send their $3 through PAYPAL ( using the e-mail address

On Paypal, one looks for the option of 'payments', 'send money online' or 'send cash online' and select that choice. The prompts will require for further personal details as well as credit card information, after which the individual will be requested to enter the amount. Once the option to send is hit, one is already registered in the system and the next payments will require an even simpler process, almost hassle-free. 

This is not the way to sustain finances as a suitable financial plans on a larger scale is the responsibility of the Executive Committee who have a fund-raising committee. The voluntary exercise borne out of the great passion and unity of fans, a Facebook group, the Highlanders FC- Bosso Supporters began in enerst under the guide and watchful eye of Nqaba Donga, Liqhwa Gama and Nodumo Nyathi.

Donga ensured the availability of the Ecocash while Gama engineered the presence of Paypal for the supporters. To a few less visionary people, it emerged as an unsustainable idea of fire-fighting and looking for a paltry $3 from the poor to run a Premier League Club. Judging from the reactions in some quarters, the concept was mistaken as taking over the club finances and sponsorship.

Many did not see it as a starting point to help the team as ordinary fans, as it will go a long way in uniting fans and encourage fans to be union members and become club carrying members. The move can be dubbed the curtain-raiser of the official launching of the Highlanders Supporters Association that is awaiting the setting up of an interim committee. At this point, the draft constitution of the pending Highlanders Supporters Association is at an advanced stage and will be finalised by the Interim Committee and adopted by the masses in due time.

The South African branch has been in operation for a while and the expansion of operations and how people can be more involved will be availed in the very near future as the Interim Committee ties up loose ends.

The Highlanders supporters are brave men who should be commended for what many questioned as a 'never been done before anywhere'. While the obligation to make it better and fruitful in a way that can never be copied and perfected by anyone, mobilisation of each other to buy membership cards and subscribe to either buying cards in advance even for those in the diaspora will be central and vital. This entitles these stakeholders to vote and entrust suitable people with running the club.

The cog of the movement's intentions is the selflessness already demonstrated by handsome donations that came through already. At the time of writing, over 50 donations varying from $ to $50 have been paid or pledged.

It must be made clear that there is so many pregnant business ideas in place and a business minded people are encouraged not only to shoot down existing and running plans or to come up with new and fresh issues, but to thoroughly and exhaustively harness vehicles in place in a positive and energetic way. More importantly will be the accountability to the members.

Resources raised by this great initiative may not be enough 'but it keeps the fans together and opens room for greater ideas' as Muzi Hadebe put it. 'It should not be just coming from the executive, but members and everyone who claims to love this team from Bulawayo.'

People who proved to be forward thinkers by supporting and encouraging others like Patrick Ndlovu, George Phiri and Mlungisi Sibanda feel Bosso has never had such strong fans union to support or push for change, change that can only come when people are in the system.

The more cautious and inquisitive like Kuthula Matshazi were taken as just people who want to criticise an initiative before it even started. While he thought of it as 'not a bad in itself but a symptom of a failure of the executive to put a financial plan', he felt it was very sad and embarrassing until the nitty-gritties were explained to him. 'We have very incompetent administrators'.

While the unfortunate 'bet by my life' that - 'good as they are - these supporters' initiatives will not solve the structural final deficit' that is exactly not the point. The project ushers an era where supporters galvanise each other to do greater things to their abilities and to their satisfaction. Many forget that Zimbabwean big teams depend largely on the fans through gate takings.There is little or no sponsorship in Zimbabwe.

Bosso has been under the wing of BancABC together with Dynamos and two other teams. Business plans and initiatives tended to spoon feed the Executive led by Peter Dube are not ideal as they have either plans they inherited or theirs they have mapped during their election manifestos as well as being mandated by the constitution. The bottom line, their plate is full.

Through this union, many more fans will be having access to voting, and with a new set of members, right people will be elected and their performance checked by the fans, unlike what is happening now, where most of the followers are not members and cannot official put across their suggestions or expected changes.

As a Bosso fan with a true black and white heart, the minimum you can do, is to post on your Facebook walls and encourage all your friends to join the movement, the exodus because the volumes will count for much and it will help the team from these very humble beginnings.
This project is not meant to sustain club's financial obligation, but fans' response to an emergencies they rely on each other to assist here and now. Further fans' contribution will be essential in the future as they harness each other's resources especially getting their membership up to date and supporting plans and fundraising vehicles already in place instead of creating a new one before completion of another.

While it can be argued that the team has to play well by getting good players and attracting the crowds, $3 or so once in a while for the club's sustenance, especially if fans can do it ourselves without blaming the Executive committee they voted into power, it may be a lame diversion. To win matches, positive energy must flow from the fans, leaders and players alike. It will never be easy to attract back the supporters if the supporters attracted are shot down when they come up with immediate and practical ways and means to raise cash.

The current crop of supporters, fans and sympathisers are just a cut above the rest, given what they did and how much little time was wasted in setting up the structured and have the cash flowing in. When potential sponsors see that passion and commitment of the people as we have just seen, they see potential business and the need to associate with the club. The sponsors go where the support base is live and galvanised.

Obviously one would say to achieve this requires resources, and the fan base is that particular resource. If anything, this movement has shown very positive energy which will be the envy of many teams and clubs. The Bossolona movement would do with encouraging each other to think positively and playing a part however small. Of all the plans that they can come up with and do, this is one small and easy one for everyone. It is a simple one point plan, to just pay. The sky can only be the limit and given Bosso fans do not see skies, as many hail from Skies, there is just no limit from now on.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Highlanders bow to Monomotapa in Mbada Diamonds Cup

Highlanders bowed out of the Mbada Cup after a 2-3 defeat to Monomotapa at the Wankie Colliery Stadium this afternoon. Bosso squandered a 2-0 lead after a promising start to the rich Cup tourney.

Amahlolanyama put up a brave face as they looked like a team that put their week's troubles behind them. The championship contenders have been on strike over unpaid bonuses and lost precious training time which eventually came to haunt when it mattered most.

Fatigue seemed to have crept in as they surrendered what was a comfortable lead. The Highlanders supporters across the globe were already in a drive to commit whatever resources was at their disposal to help alleviate the problem, a move they will be pursuing with a vengeance from now on.

The main focus will be on the league next week as the team fights for the Castle Lager Premier League against Dynamos in Harare. Rallying behind the boys will be ever so vital.

Friday, October 19, 2012

S.A Clubs Waiting For Asiagate

South African clubs which have Zimbabwean players on their books are eagerly awaiting the announcement of players that have been banned from football activity.

Mamelodi Sundowns run the risk of losing two of their players with Method Mwanjali and Nyasha Mushekwi who have both been implicated and are yet to be cleared.

Speculation is rife that Mwanjali and Mushekwi are both among a list of 13 individuals set to be handed with life bans.

Another South African club that could lose the services of a key player is Bidvest Wits who have Thomas Sweswe on their books.

University of Pretoria could lose Washington Arubi and Lionel Mutizwa who are both among the list of players to travel to the far east.

Arubi took part in two encounters while Mutizwa was involved in 13 matches.

Kaizer chiefs will be equally worried as Zhaimu Jambo is still to know his fate.

The Amakhosi man took part in two encounters.

Gilbert Mapemba who plays for Moroka Swallows is another player that is yet to be exonerated.

While most teams will be sweating over the potential loss of players, Black Leopards could find themselves without a coach as Sunday Chidzambwa is said to be part of the scandal.
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Bosso Takes On Monoz At Colliery

Highlanders takes on Monomotapa at the Colliery where the two clubs clash in the Mbada Diamonds Cup quarter-final on Sunday.

It will be the third time the two clubs meet this year with Bosso sending Monomotapa packing with a 3-0 win at Barbourfields Stadium in the reverse league fixture in May.

Milton Ncube, Peter "Rio" Moyo and Graham Ncube were on target for the Kelvin Kaindu-coached Highlanders in May when Monomotapa were under the guidance of Taurai Mangwiro, who is now at Caps United.

Biggie Zuze was in charge when Monomotapa got the better of Bosso in Harare in the league about two weeks ago.

Bosso started training on Wednesday after boycotting training last week until a life member made available money to cover winning bonuses for their 1-0 win against Shabanie Mine at Barbourfields Stadium last month.

Kaindu yesterday said he was happy with the way the boys were responding to training after the industrial action and he was hopeful that come Sunday, they would cruise past Monomotapa into the semi-finals of the competition.

He said everyone was at training in the morning at Fairbridge save for skipper Innocent Mapuranga, who was due to join the rest of the players at White City Stadium for the afternoon session.

Mapuranga lost his father on Monday afternoon and had travelled home to Mvurwi for the funeral.

Highlanders beat Blue Rangers 2-1 at Barbourfields Stadium in the first round of the tournament to sail though to the quarter-final stage, while Monomotapa beat Hardbody 4-2 at Dulibadzimu in Beitbridge.
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Masomere knows 2 Mbada Finalist

012 October 19 07:39:55 | 730 Views

LUKE MASOMERE says Prophet Makandiwa appeared in his dreams on Wednesday telling him the two clubs that will advance to the final of the 2012 Mbada Diamonds Cup. Masomere's wife is a member of Makandiwa's UFI church.

The Shabanie coach did not reveal the identity of the teams that Makandiwa picked, in his dreams, to reach the final.

Shabanie are bracing for a blood-and-thunder showdown against town rivals FC Platinum at Mandava tomorrow in a Mbada Diamonds Cup quarter-final tie that is likely to bring Zvishavane to a standstill.

"I am tipping two teams to go to the finals and I will only say them out after the Saturday game but I have them," said Masomere.

"When I was sleeping last night Prophet Makandiwa appeared in my dreams and told me the two teams.

"I was sleeping vakati unoona here ma team maviri ayo achaenda mberi kusvika kufinal."

The game tomorrow has attracted a lot of attention as the Botswana Meat Supply coach, Chicco Nare, will be travelling today from his base to come and witness the Zvishavane derby.

Masomere appealed for calm ahead of the big clash.

"FC Platinum are our best friends and we are not enemies but oppo­nents and we need to co-habitat in Zvishavane," said Masomere.

"We need each other and if we were enemies Rowan (Nenzou) and Simon (Shoko) could not have been playing for FC Platinum. If we were not friends Muranganwa (Nengo­masha), Farai (Mususunye), Francis (Kanda), Raymond (Sibanda) and Nelson (Maziwisa) could not have been playing for Shabanie Mine.

"We need each other and let the better team of the day win on Satur­day.

"I know that we have prepared well and FC Platinum have done the same because we both want to repre­sent Zimbabwe in the Confedera­tions Cup next season.

"I am happy that I have a better team than in the last two previous games we played and everyone is raring to go,"

Masomere feels Shabanie will also be at home tomorrow even though the game is at Mandava and not Maglas.

"We share the same stadium. Mandava is our stadium and Sha­banie will be playing at home at Mandava and it is very bad to disap­point fans at your home ground and so we need a positive result," said Masomere.

"I am concerned about the behav­ior of some fans, especially when they are drinking beer. They say a lot of negative things about both clubs and they also want to fight at the sta­diums.

"If they are boxers I am encourag­ing them to go and register with ZABA where Petros (Masiyam­bumbi) will take care of them. They will get licenses and they will be allowed to fight whilst the police are watching and nobody will be arrested after the fight.

"Most of the fans that fight have joined betting syndicates and when their team loses they become very emotional.

"In football there are three results — a win, loss and draw and when Real Madrid can lose 6-0 at home, what about a Zimbabwean team? Players earn 300 000 pounds a week with some getting 2 million pounds a month but they still go and lose.

"That is what we call football and fans must grow up."

Masomere said he did not expect any violence tomorrow.

"Why should we throw stones and cans of beer? We do not want to see a sad situation like what happened in Senegal when they hosted Ivory Coast and their fans ended up throwing stones because their national team had lost," said Masomere.

"We must accept results, the ref­eree's decisions and not fight. Vanhu vanongouyawo zvavo kuzowokera bhora kana votitema nematombo tiri mubasa medu munoda kuti tonoshandira kupi?

"The referees have been superb from the first game until now. The mother body has solved that area and I salute the referees for a job well done. Iko zvino mukatamba marara munorohwa muri pa home penyu. Isu muMaglas tinongobvarurwa inga wani."

Masomere said his immediate mission was to qualify for the semi-finals of the Mbada Diamonds Cup.

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Breaking News

David Gill becomes FA Vice-Chairman in England

David Gill has been formally made a Vice-Chairman of The Football Association following a meeting of The FA Council.

The Red Devils' CEO was put forward by the Professional Game Board to replace Sir Dave Richards in the role. The recommendation was endorsed by the FA Board and then approved by the Council's professional game representatives.

In accepting the Vice-Chairman position, David said: "I'm delighted to have been appointed Vice-Chairman of The Football Association. The health and success of the Football Association is vital to the future of the game in England and I hope to justify the Board's faith in me by helping to shape discussions and actions to deliver that."

David, who has served on The FA Board for six years, will join Roger Burden, who represents the National Game, as one of two FA Vice-Chairmen. David has also been put forward as the English FA candidate for the UEFA Executive Committee when elections take place at the UEFA Congress in London next May

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Warriors Angola match could have been Fixed; ZIFA Boss

(From The president of the Zimbabwe Football Association, Cuthbert Dube, has made stunning claims that the match between Zimbabwe's Warriors and Angola could have been fixed.

The claims comes soon after the football mother body announced it had banned 13 players for life for taking part in the Asiagate scandal which saw the Warriors players throwing away matches for money.

Dube said he suspected the match against Angola may have been fixed in the Warriors' chartered plane to Luanda, RadioVOP reported.

"The sad news is that we lost a golden opportunity to go to South Africa. On the Angola there were match fixers, daring people, who are not even scared that there are investigations currently going on. We are going to meet as a board and see what their role was in this whole fiasco," Dube alleged.

The Warriors travelled to Angola by a chartered plane and some seats were sold to members of the public.

However, Warriors team manager Nyika Chifamba and assistant coach Peter Ndlovu, said the Zifa board had so far not spoken to them about the match fixing allegations.

They said if there was something like that it would be fair to bring up the suspects so that they can answer for themselves if they are within the national team.

This is not the first time that the football authorities have alleged match fixing after Zimbabwe poor performance in international football.

Zifa Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Mashingaidze early this year accused players Knowledge Musona and Ovidy Karuru of fixing the two World Cup games against Guinea and Mozambique.

Zimbabwe lost against the Elephants but drew with the Black Mambas in Maputo. Zimbabwe lost 2-0 to Angola to bow of the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations finals on the away goals rule having won the first leg in Harare 3-1.
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Telcom Knockout Fixtures

Telkom Knockout fixtures - 1 team 1 winner

Friday, 19th October 2012
Bidvest Wits vs Kaizer Chiefs- SuperSport 4 (20h15)

Saturday, 20th October
Free State Stars vs L. Golden Arrows- SABC (15h00)
Ajax Cape Town vs SuperSport United- SuperSport 4 (15h00)
Black Leopards vs Orlando Pirates- SuperSport 4 (18h00)
Maritzburg United vs Moroka Swallows- SABC/ SS4 (20h15)

Sunday, 21st October 2012
AmaZulu vs Platinum Stars- SABC (15h00)
Chippa United vs Bloemfontein Celtic- SuperSport 4 (15h00)

Tuesday, 23rd October 2012
Mamelodi Sundowns vs University of Pretoria- SuperSport 4 (19h30)
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Soccer Facts

Some interesting facts
1) Cristiano Ronaldo was offered to Lyon as an academy player.
2) In 1983 Ipswich refused Paul Gascoigne.
3) Palace were scouting Diego Milito back in 2004 but didn't finalise it.
4) Ronaldinho to St Mirren.
5) Rebrov and Shevchenko both wenton trial at Spurs back in the day, they went with Rebrov.
6) Sheffield Wednesday had Eric Cantona on trial and said he wasn't good enough.
7) Martin O'Niell had the chance to sign Radamel Falcao at Aston Villa for £7million. He chose Emile Heskey instead.
8) Ibrahimovic turned down the chance to join Arsenal because Wenger wanted him to trial first!
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Toure pens Dynamos deal

Dynamos have continued to bolster their squad, following the news that they will continue to play in the National First Division. The club has penned a deal with Ousmane Toure, with the Malian defender having impressed the technical team while training with the rest of the squad.

The towering defender was recently linked with a move to the PSL. SuperSport United, Bloemfontein Celtic, Platinum Stars and University of Pretoria were all linked to the player's signature at some point.

However, Toure convinced Dynamos that he can add value to the squad and has landed himself a NFD contract. He recently turned out for the team against Black Leopards, in a club friendly, and looked impressive in the club's colours.
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Officials and players to know their fate About Asiagate scandal

Former Zifa president Wellington Nyatanga, ex-chief executive Henrietta Rushwaya, the association's former pro­grammes officer Jonathan Musavangena and the suspended trio of Zifa second vice president Kenny Marange and board members Methembe Ndlovu and Solomon Mugavazi are among the top administrators in the line of fire.

Veteran coach Sunday Chidzambwa, former Warriors manager Ernest Sibanda, and a host of players including Method Mwanjali, Thomas Sweswe and former CAPS United goalkeeper Edmore Sibanda will also know their fate in the tomorow as Zifa bring to a close the sad Asi­agate chapter that has tainted the image of the national game and left its structures deeply polarised.

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3 lions Players Needed sleeping pills .

HEARDLINES around the world

Some of England's players needed sleeping pills after their World Cup qualifier in Poland was delayed by 20 hours because of heavy rain.

Full story: Daily Mail
The Football Association's report into the England Under-21 match against Serbia says trouble started even before the match kicked off.

Former Aston Villa striker and technical director of the Serbia Under-21 team, Savo Milosevic, says the country needs help to sort out its problems.

Manchester City playmaker David Silva, 26, could be out of action for up to three weeks with a hamstring injury picked up in Spain's World Cup qualifier against France.
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Peter Has Issued A passionate public Apology

ZIMBABWE legend and Warriors assistant coach Peter Ndlovu has issued a passionate public apology to the nation following the hugely disappointing fashion in which they tumbled out of the 2013 African Cup of Nations at the hands of Angola last Sunday. The Warriors conspired to plunge the nation into mourning when they let slip what appeared to be a comfortable 3-1 first leg lead they had achieved in Harare on September 9.

Instead of holding out to frustrate the Palancas Negras, as largely expected, the War­riors capitulated in just the opening six min­utes in the heat of Luanda and were sent crashing out of the tournament following a brace by Angola skipper Manucho.

Ndlovu, who captained the Warriors to their only two previous Nations Cup appear­ances, acknowledged that the team had let the whole nation down after snoozing for "five mad minutes". Peter had been hoping to make it to three Nations Cup tournaments in different capaci­ties.

Yesterday the Warriors legend stood in for coach Rahman Gumbo as he faced the local media and offered his team's apology for the Luanda disaster. Despite the uncertainty facing their contin­ued stay in the Warriors dressing room, Ndlovu — who is also the national Under-23 coach — said he remained hopeful of soldiering on as part of the Warriors technical team and challenged Zifa to develop the Young War­riors who will form the bedrock for the future senior side.

"We have to realise that we are talking about a very bad day for the country as far as football was concerned on Sunday,'' Ndlovu said. Ndlovu said the players failed to concen­trate in the opening stages of the match.
"I do not know how to put it when you are so near yet you are so far. It's bad.
"But without taking away anything from the boys, everything was okay, the game plan, the weather, the travelling arrangements but I think we just lost the plot within these five minutes where we did not concentrate.

"I can't say we played badly in those five minutes but we just lacked concentration," said Ndlovu. Ndlovu called on the nation not to forsake the team at this time. "So the only thing we have to say is sorry to the public. We are sorry for the result. We take full responsibility of the result," said Ndlovu.

In selecting their troops for the battle on Sunday, Ndlovu said they had picked the strongest possible squad for the assignment. "I have heard reports in some sections that the team lacked experience but in my opinion we picked the most experienced team. "The personnel we fielded was the most experienced and we had some of the big names in the Zimbabwean strikeforce.

"But at the end of the day it did not happen. One or two players were off form or did not start well, but we tried to get at least a goal. Without condemning my players, I think we played well but the result was not pleasing. However, we are not going to run away from the fact that we take full responsibility, " said Ndlovu.

Sitting on a 3-1 lead from the first leg, Ndlovu said their strategy in Luanda was to defend their advantage.
"But in order to defend, we did not want to sit back and invite trouble. We did not want our opponents to smell that we were afraid, so we went to attack. Our team had five attack-minded players."

"Angola got their goals, which I could say came out of sheer determination or luck but we also took a cautious approach. We never conceded more goals after that but actually tried to get back. The team had good chances with Khama coming alive in the second half," said Ndlovu.

He said if he could turn back the hands of time he would change the script in the open­ing stages of the game when they failed to contain Palancas Negras talisman Manucho.

"When one team is attacking the other team is bound to defend. We lost the plot in those five mad minutes and we are sorry," said Ndlovu. Ndlovu said he would not be tempted to throw in the towel because of the defeat in Luanda. I have a job to do and until such time that I am displaced, we look to the future and work­ing together as a team.

"We started this job which has ended but I am sure until we hear otherwise we are will­ing to carry on. We were almost there and the will is still there," said Ndlovu. In my capacity as the Under-23 coach and the assistant coach for the Warriors, I think we should start to look at the future. The future lies in building up a team for the future."

"We should not continue to cry over spilt milk. I believe that if we can get the resources, we can plan ahead and build a team especially with the Young Warriors," said Ndlovu. Questions have also been asked over ageing players in the squad, but Ndlovu insisted they would continue to pick players on merit.
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Back From FIFA Weekend

Barclays Premier League FIXTURES :-

Saturday 20 October

12:45 Tottenham Hotspur v. Chelsea
15:00 Fulham v. Aston Villa Aston Villa
15:00 Liverpool v. Reading
15:00 Manchester United v. Stoke City
15:00 Swansea City v. Wigan Athletic
15:00 West Bromwich Albion v. Manchester City
15:00 West Ham United v. Southampton
17:30 Norwich City v. Arsenal

Sunday 21 October

13:30 Sunderland v. Newcastle United
16:00 Queens Park Rangers v. Everton
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Messi And CR7 To Play In The Same Team For Charity ( Rivaldo )

Ronaldo and Messi could possibly play together in a charity match. For the first time ever, football fans worldwide might get the chance to see the world's best two players play alongside each other. It's for a good cause, a charity run by Barcelona's former player Rivaldo.

Both Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have donated their shirts from the last Clásico to Rivaldo's charity. It is reported that Rivaldo has asked both players about the idea and they both seem to be interested.

Hit like if you like to see the two playing in the same team.
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African Players in The Premier League set For AFCON


Arsenal Emmanuel Frimpong, Daniel Jesse Boateng (Ghana), Gervinho (Ivory Coast), Marouane Chamakh (Morocco)

Aston Villa Karim El Ahmadi (Morocco)

Chelsea John Obi Mikel, Victor Moses (Nigeria), Bertrand Traore (Burkina Faso)

Fulham Mahamadou Diarra (Mali)

Liverpool Oussama Assaidi (Morocco)

Manchester City Kolo Toure, Yaya Toure (Ivory Coast)

Newcastle United Cheick Tiote (Ivory Coast)

Queens Park Rangers Samba Diakite (Mali), Adel Taarabt (Morocco)

Tottenham Hotspur Emmanuel Adebayor (Togo)

West Bromwich Albion Peter Odemwingie (Nigeria)

West Ham United Modibo Maiga (Mali), Guy Demel (Ivory Coast)

Wigan Athletic Arouna Kone (Ivory Coast)


Birmingham City Akwasi Asante (Ghana)

Blackburn Rovers Dickson Etuhu (Nigeria)

Bristol City Albert Adomah (Ghana)

Charlton Athletic Abdul Razak (Ivory Coast)

Crystal Palace Kagisho Dikgacoi (South Africa)

Hull City Sone Aluko (Nigeria)

Leicester City Jeffrey Schlupp (Ghana)

Nottingham Forest Adlene Guedioura (Algeria)

Peterborough United Gabriel Zakuani (DR Congo)

Watford Britt Assombalonga (DR Congo)

Wolverhampton Wanderers Tongo Doumbia (Mali), Razak Boukari (Togo)


Doncaster Rovers Herita Ilunga (DR Congo)

Oldham Athletic Dean Furman (South Africa)


Burton Albion Jacques Maghoma (DR Congo)
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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bosso To lose on Mambare ;

Highlanders Football Club, a "marauding" club cum-smooth cruising Castle Lager Premier League stable that has relished a twenty-four unbeaten games is set to lose midfielder Masimba Mambare due to its failure to pay $10 000 signing-on fees at the inception of the 2012 season, the Real Soccer Investigating Unit can exclusively reveal.

Real Soccer eavesdropped into a tet-a-tet conversation between a renowned soccer critic and a distraught agent of the player wherein it emerged that the latter was about to unleash a "love" letter to the Bosso hierarchy to warn them that he was mulling moves to withdraw the player's services for the Dynamos – Highlanders epic battle of the 21st October should they continue thriving of enslaving the midfielder.

It is Mambare who is suffering a double tragedy as it has also emerged that Highlanders players have not been paid winning bonuses with no signs that Highlanders will make good the bill any time soon.

There are only five games left before the curtains of the 2012 Castle Lager Season come down.

Highlanders players recently boycotted training over outstanding bonuses from their last three wins - Shabanie Mine, Hwange and Black Mambas matches, with Club chairman Peter Dube confirming that Bosso was indeed in arrears.
For more visit

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Byo Mthwakazi Club to be relegated From Castle lager premier League

ZIFA Southern Region Division One Soccer League-bound Quelaton leave the Castle Lager Premiership with no regrets and have vowed to return to top-flight action in two seasons.

Quelaton became the first team to be relegated from the country's elite league when they lost 0-1 to Gunners. The Bulawayo outfit has 10 points from 25 matches and even if they win all their remaining matches, they will accumulate 25 points.

Hwange who are fifth from the bottom have 26 points with other relegation-threatened clubs Hardbody and Gunners tied on 22 points while Blue Rangers are on 24 points.

Quelaton are just waiting for three other clubs that will join them in the unfashionable Zifa Division One leagues.

In an interview yesterday, Quelaton's director Tawanda Ruzive wore a brave face admitting that life in the Premiership had not been rosy.

He said they will go to the lower league better off technically as they have gained much needed experience and exposure. He vowed that they will put their house in order.

"We learnt a lot in the Premier League. The experience we got is just invaluable and even as we go back to the Division One Soccer League, we know what to do to get things right.

"Actually, from now up to February, this is the time for us to put a plan of action because we are targeting returning after two seasons. We say two seasons because we will recruit youngsters and by then they will be mature for PSL action," said Ruzive.

Quelaton were promoted to the top-flight league after winning the Zifa Southern Region championship but lack of resources, technical expertise and experienced players saw them make a quick return to the unfashionable league.

"We definitely want to return to the PSL because things are getting better there with Supersport coming on board, sponsored competitions and exposure which is not there in Division One. What we also have to do as Quelaton is to be organised and try to get sponsors because without guaranteed funding it's hard to survive.

"The players need to be motivated, you have to plan for travelling as well as pay referees and other match related costs, all of which needs money," Ruzive said.

He said he hoped to cash in on at least five players who have attracted attention from other Premiership clubs.

Ruzive could however not be drawn into revealing which players they are going to sell but this publication has it on good authority that some of the players who will leave the club include defender Zibusiso Sibanda, midfielders Timothy Jaunary, Mhleli Sibanda and Eddie Nkulungo.

Zibusiso and Mhleli look head for Caps United while it is not clear where the other players are going.

Goalkeeper Tapiwa Marime and striker Simba Manwere are also said to be on the radar of several teams.

"I have been talking to some clubs and I must say we have reached agreements with some of the big clubs who are interested in some of our players. We will let you know who is going when the season ends but most of the guys will be with us in Division One," Ruzive said.
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