Monday, July 23, 2012

Bosso let down by the BBC

As long as we think ordinary, we remain ordinary, maybe with the exception of Highlanders Football Club, but how does it defy gravity?

Before we get there, as unknown to many, questions of what I did and when at Bosso come in fast and furious. Quite a number have claimed the surprise at my exclusion in the recent club history they have seen.

I cannot confirm or deny that I have not seen it. I responded to one who was particular about even lack of pictures during my 2001 stay as Technical Advisor. Surely, there would be a few taken from Luveve Stadium against Amazulu in that 4-2 Dairiboard Cup semi-final.

The official club photo studio must have some as well for the final against Dynamos at Barbourfields Stadium which was won 1-0 in one of the most colourful events of that year. Not that it has anything to do with anything. To one, I said that everyone write their own piece of history, and in my case, quite literally.

Recent reports of the club's worsening financial position, as bad news as they seem, are man-made as I have always claimed. With so many views and opinions from the public, and indeed those who run and ran the club, there is a undying rotten malice.

Methinks the man-hardy slogan, ONGAFUNIYO KAYEKELE is being literally being wrongly 'abused'. Whatever it meant the day it was coined, it has since been outdated in both meaning and actual fact.

Working on the collective for the sole benefit of the club is mandatory and the mischief to down-do others who have a soft spot for the club, just because personal interests are not served or that it does not have personal benefits to individuals is criminal.

People pour their heart for the team and have it deliberately trampled, setting an example of how not to deal with Bosso. In short, it just sends a message of exactly how not to help the club.

It is very legit for the club to confirm the car is not stolen, which can be verified by registration. It is also important that they check the background of the donor and maybe his criminal record.

However, telling someone to 'give you a donation' of something they want to 'lend' you is another story. If we are talking of TP Mazembe, Mamelodi Sundowns, Manchester City or Real Madrid then, that is different, because they can do without.

This is not that Bosso must accept anything thrown at them by every Jack and Jill, but this gentleman thought the Bosso coaches will have something to take them to work while the club acquires a car.

By the way, I do not think that given the dire straits, it is a priority. It eliminates the coach's worries, in trying to find a winning formula without having to figure out how to get to work.

It is everyone's belief that the coach would and will report to work with or without the car as he has always done, and others before him, but with the latest development, even some of us potential cash donors, you get to wonder if one will be asked the colour of the money when they intend to lend or donate.

For all the fuss and trouble, we can only hope these are just rumours and that Kelvin Kaindu and his charges will be cruising to victory after victory soon.

In these pages, there is no doubt you came across the head to head statistics between Mantengwane and Dembare. For many, it was just numbers, but in actual fact, without touching a hornet's nest, I will be raw blunt. It represents social, tribal and regional trends.

There is no way Highlanders can be better than Dynamos just by scoring goals. It is a wholesome process complete with the goodies that come with being best. Lack of initiative, allergy to new trends in innovative thinking, lagging behind and too much empty talk is what the Bossolona fans have reaped year in and year out. It is not like it will end soon.

Frank facts attributing that to the inferiority complexes and always playing second fiddle in society, work, schools and and now football, dwarfed the minds of many, and being a result of the taboo political connotations, most of it, as said before are just a home brew.

Of all the football fans I know, there is nothing good enough from the club or the team. If the reports of the financial doldrums come up, there is questions as to how and why. Suggestions as to how money can be made flood Facebook and other media.

The request to raise gate-takings to cater for the club coffers face ridicule. Projects to beef up cash-flows meet the 'who does he think he is' attitude. Almost 10 million Bosso fans have a thousand ways for the club to make money and each want to do their own.

These are the members of the new group of fans,called the Bla Bla Club (BBC). None escapes them and there is never a good thing anyone can do. 'What is does he want to achieve? What is he trying to do?'

Their unions never end there. If the teams wins by a single goal, 'why did they not score more' On a draw, 'a draw is bad'. About a loss, 'why did the coach play so and so'. There is so many things that get said about the players to be signed and all that bla bla.

Why not translate all this yada yada enthusiasm to ching ching? That head to head statistics, by comparison, Dynamos people just pay better. They squander their money but they make it first. It is unfair to make these two share the same platform for personal reasons, but they are a team miles ahead in that aspect.

Individuals fund the club without the internal politics. There are times when there is fighting of pouring funds into the club coffers. Of course, there is faction controversy that could be done without, and it would not be a 'cut and paste' ideology to have the same flexibility.

What Tshilamoya should be aiming for, is make it easy for people to assist. The club leaders and fans' open-mindedness should be mandatory to follow the bird Mantengwane. Their fans also behave better, as they have superior hooliganism records too.

In the glorious days I chronicled in my book, The Glory Days, the rave and vibe became so emotional and detrimentally, the Bossolona train developed a virus that became impossible to destroy. People got so emotional and have since forgotten to think with their heads but hearts.

Football ceased to be an empty passion ages ago. The business it has become calls for the funds that are the pockets of so many people around the world. A single coin from the pockets of all in the four corners of the world could be difference the club needs.

Again, having donations to make is one thing and politicising the process is another. That may be out of control of many, but the majority can minimise the wara wara and pay their dues and respond to calls to pay their HOME MATCH fees even if they are away from home. To make it worthwhile to send the cash, 'season's tickets' money can be lumped and WESTERN UNIONised or MONEY-GRAMMED.

Again, in the book, What Highlanders need right now!, ideas of making cash to the club are clearly put across, one being buying that book itself. Other quarters are working on selling the club's matches on DVDs at a nominal price. Maybe, those with fast network connections may even watch matches live.

Until the day that a musician can sing a song and a writer author a book to sell and benefit the club and themselves without the moaning about people making money out of the club, the progress of the club will remain stagnant. Unfortunately, the expectation of the club making money out of people with a check-valve is ridiculously naïve.

There is no reaping without planting but that is exactly Bosso's folly. As for the BBC, quit that club and join Bosso. The club has to set trends and committing together, rather than tearing each other apart is not on. Find out what is going on, add your financial input into it and suggest ways to improve it without stalling the process or criticising from the sidelines.

That spirit will spill to your couterclub, the Boo Boys (BB) who boo the boys and hurl missiles on the pitch. Hooligans must never be allowed into the systems and if all would be vigilant to pick one and root them out for good. They finish my breath just by wanting the team to go there and beat Dynamos. It begins with you. Where Dembare fans raise a dollar, Bosso supporters must raise two without talk and much fuss.

Questions of 'vele ngeyani, or kanti iyangaphi imali must just cease and those entrusted with the cash should be responsible enough. After all, people gave them the mandate, and if the masses voted for the criminals, they will enjoy living with that luxury until the next time to vote. It becomes a lesson to place normal people in position of power. If not, accept to suffer the consequences.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Is AVB what Spurs need?

It is not everyday that a man has had a life-saving act, rides the tide to a record and fruitful season afterwards and then goes on to attract the biggest attention to an extent of having 'two great jobs' from which to choose from.

It may be a few men and women who achieved that and even fewer who woke up the next day with nothing.

No one really wants the luck of former Tottenham Hotspur manager, Harry Redknapp. His Spurs job looked the most secure after that of Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson. He was tauted as the next English boss for a long time after the departure of Fabio Cappello probably to the extent that he believed he had that job too.

Soon after the appointment of Roy Hodgson it was apparent that his days with the Three Lions had not yet arrived. The focus quickly turned to the White Hart Lane and rumours of him heading to Stamford Bridge were everywhere.

After the Euro 2012 started, The Blues announced Roberto Di Mateo as their substantive manager for the next two years. With both opportunities gone, Spurs chairman released their most successful manager in centuries.

In all ernest, he had a year on his contract to run and he must have had a fat cheque for that. That timing was stinking bad.

Tottenham Hotspur have since announced a Chelsea reject in Andre Villas-Boas. AVB arrived in the English Premier League as a 'hot-property' from the Portuguese side, FC Porto.

For all his record, he was seen as a new Jose Mourinho on both that he assisted the man at Chelsea and went on to achieve some glory with Porto. There was less question of his football knowledge but so much about charisma and management skills.

Is he therefore what Spurs need? Not at all. Spurs need the players who will play for him. Since the ascendance of the current team that took the UEFA world by storm, my insistance on the boys being mediocre was ridiculed.

Harry Redknapp dealt with hugely average and over-rated players. The diference was how mch they would die for him. He was charismatic and crudely honest. He worked with the biggest injury list in the league for years.

If a manager can pick a player who does never trained on a weekly basis, and all others are well with it, including those training hard for the same position, it tells you something about the man.

To many observers, Luka Modric was a fantastic player. He is likely to depart and if Spurs fail to stamp their authority, it will be easy to blame his absense. This man is a wanted 'hot-cake' across Europe right now but why.

Save for a few wonderful goals, as a n attacking midfielder, how many goals ands assists did he contribute to the club? Maybe his best days were ahead of him at Spurs, and hopefully where he is heading to.

This is not to undermine his charming ball control and passing, but just looking at the numbers, he was yet to set the stage alight.

It may be early days, but Spurs are better off racking in pounds out of him and Gareth Bale was one jackpot for the White Hrt Lane to maximise their kitty, because under AVB, he will not thrive.

The manager will be better off with Porto and Chelsea excess baggages, if still available, that trust on the foundation Harry laid. Actually, there is no foundation at Spurs now but a building exercise. It may well be a surprise year where AVB gets his record back on track. Time will tell.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bosso fan pours heart out

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