Friday, July 23, 2010

Spurs'Come Back To Win.

Thierry Henry of New York Red Bulls fires the ball up field during the first half of their game against Tottenham Hotspur at Red Bull Arena in Harriso

(Pic from Reuters)

Thierry Henry's debut in the USA's Red Bulls was a personal success as he scored the only goal in a 1-2 loss to Tottenham Hotspurs of England. Robbie Keane and Gary Baille scored in the other half for a well deserved victory.

It has always been a personal opinion that Henry deserved a better deal than the Barcelona bench. Most big names make moves to places they are not idolised like in their usual comfort zones. At the Emirates King Henry was the one and only. He cherished that he played to his billing. The US will give him the opportunity to stamp his authority and make him retire in dignity.

The American game will do will the likes of Raul of Madrid. The rumour of his move to Spurs must just remain a rumour. He needs to fly to Italy, pick up Alexandro Del Piero and Fabio Cannavaro and cross the ocean to the MSL. The huge ex-larger than life stars need to light up the USA atmosphere as they retire and fade off the limelight.

On the same note, Landon Donovan has no business in the LA Galaxy. His place is in the Premiership. He may as well go to Spain, either to Real Madrid or along his 'twin', Iniesta at Barcelona. Italy would kill his game.

Lastly, Maradona. Argentina are in a mess. They think Maradona is a coach. They thought he was a coach. I am fond of the guy my self, but when I need surgery, I need a surgeon. If anyone offers a taxi driver a million bucks and a screw driver, for sure, I will be operated upon the next day. I rest my case.