Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Highlanders FC Needs Madinda Ndlovu.

Man With Great Vision - Madinda Ndlovu

 Highlanders FC, Bosso Tshilamoya, Ongafuniyo Kayekele, also known as UMantengwane, i Team yezwe lonke last tasted success quite a while ago, and on a very bitter note, have never progressed into the Champions' League first round. I do not really care why, I want to say how those glory days can come back. Times have moved on and the team remained behind. When you read this, remember the "no money, no honey" bit.   

Playing in the Africa Champions' League is not your normal plate of porridge. It is hard word. You don't wake one morning and dream yourself as Champions of the league and then bribe your way through. At this very moment, the current executive committee, technical department and players should be sober enough to realise how the biggest sons of the club, as players, did not manage to go far in the so-called Africa Safari. If failure was not the players, it was the executive, if not, the technical department. Those gapes are even wider now. There is good modern coaches who are known to have created a crop of top players.   

With due repsect to Ali Baba, to me Madinda Ndlovu comes in as a Head Of A Bosso School Of Football. While like all of us, going that way is like a down-grade but with a good salary, Madinda would not say NO because he has love for the team and passion for the game. Give him the money, the car and the equipment, and this is exactly what the management will tell you they do not have.   

[caption id="attachment_1179" align="aligncenter" width="570" caption="Egyptian Fathy, Current Bosso Coach."][/caption]As for the senior team, the irrational stigma of "foreign is lekker" must go. Barry Daka does need to coach. He can be given a role of a Technical Advisor limited in sourcing and supplying of data , without any input in the team preparations. He can play the role of a scout because he can do this very well.   

Highlanders Football Clubs needs to have remain as it is as a club. It must register and own a company to run as a business. The company which must be like a financial consultancy, say Bosso Brand, must operate profitably for the individuals involved and the team and will source funds and sponsorship in all ways possible. It sounds a little crazy to have it profitable to the individuals. Siyayithanda imali. The idea is that who ever is involved in sourcing the funds earns only commission for the money he brings in, period. It may be a dollar or a million.   

It will never be an easy task which is why only a few people like the South African Premier League have done it and still there were some squabbles - which were caused by too much money anyways and Bosso would do well to have a problem of too much, and I do not think Bosso is looking for easy things. This company must either have the rights to design, print and markets memorabilia which must even include nappies, condoms or fruit juices, under the strict code of conduct and law of contract.   

I have taken too much trouble to say my gratitude to the fans who went to see the match. I will say thank you again. Many were surprised by themselves. A lot did not even see the match in the stadium. That spirit makes good business for the team. As fans, that's all you can do, if you cannot cough up. Be there and make noise. Afterall, it's good for your health. Seriously, sponsors want a full house. TV stations want to show viewers packed stadia. Advertisers place their boards where there is a crowd. They want to be seen. Visible is the term.   

Maybe you are saying, if this thinks he guy knows so much, why isn't he the coach or something. You are right, Babhizi bandixelela ukuthi ndithetha ndingayeki. Andiyeke into zabantu.  

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