Friday, July 30, 2010

Unsung Heroes - Jericho

(Adam Ndlovu, a product of Jericho of Mlangeni of Makokoba of Bulawayo of Mthwakazi ka Ndaba)


Highlanders FC, Bosso Tshilamoya has always been provider of roller coaster performances at BF without fail and given its supporters scintillating attacking diski over the years. There is a big secret why. If you don't belive me, surely I won't blame you at all. And please, don't be like me and cry.

The first person to coach Peter and Adam Ndlovu was a school teacher named Pedzayi at Tabiso Youth Centre before Adam moved to Mhlangeni United, a Makokoba team owned by a gentleman called Jericho. Highlanders FC, Bosso snapped Adam up from there and Adam rose to stardom that we know today.

Bosso striker, Nkululenko 'Chanky' Dlodlo, whom I can claim to be his last coach, at Railstars FC, as well as Abraham 'Nejane' Mbambo also came from Jericho's team, Mhlangeni United. Zhoki was the coach, and Gift 'Senior' Lunga's brother. Senior also, of course played for Mhlangeni as a youngster.

Jericho, a renowned true disciplinarian and passionate man who loved all sports, used to be a caretaker at Stanley Hall in Makokoba, and lived as a resident caretaker at Mlangeni. It was always an advantage for all the good players to be in his team because they would watch shows and movies at Stanley Hall for free. Some of the great players to be produced by Mlangeni United for Bosso are Makheyi 'Ninja' Nyathi.

One of the great Jericho's colleagues, Mambazo Saimon Phiri, had deep thought and fond memories of this fallen giant. He detailed their professional relationships and his commitment to his work. He expressed the rich culture his presence gave those around him. It was quite too strong for me. As he went on, "I worked with Jericho for 10 years. He died without mention at all." I cried.

"Mhlangeni was the start of all the things at Makokoba, culminating in Peter Ndlovu's inspired New Jack City FC, and recently the social team Makokoba Makwee. Makokoba City Warriors is inspired by all these, but our notion is to take the team into Zimbabwe's ultimate league sooner than later to prove a point we are serious about, sport, arts, talent and culture" , said Mbazo.

To Jericho, we thank foy Makheyi 'Ninja' Nyathi, Peter Ndlovu, Adam Ndlovu, Nkululeko Dlodlo, Gift Lunga and a lot more great sons of football that graced us with their class and flair.

If that dream is realised, it could the only befitting honour of a true man no one knew about. May his SOUL REST IN PEACE!

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