Saturday, July 31, 2010

Romario, The Hero Is Talking.

Brazil has 190 million individuals. They had over 6000 registered football clubs at different leagues and levels. They boast of 16 million registered football professionals of whom about 10 000 play football outside Brazil. They do not have a single man who has international experience to coach Brazil. International experience? They must be joking.

People who coached Brazil before, like Mario Zagallo, Carlos Alberto Parreira, the list is long, either do not want to do it again or they are now too old. How do you explain failure to so many people when you have so much resources to fight your cause?

The international experience part given in the difficulty the Brazilian Football Association becomes a laughable point given that they fired Dunga. Brazil gave the job to Dunga knowing he had no coaching experience at all (NB omission of INTERNATIONAL here). Dunga won qualification and came to the 2010 FIFA World Cup playing international football which the South Americans cried was unBrazilian. If they want an internationally experienced coach, none is better than Dunga at the moment.

Brazil can only have a Brazilian coach who plays the Brazilian way, only locally. I believe also, he needs to select a locally based squad. These players will do it the original Samba way. For the record, Dunga  won Copa America title, the Confederation Cup and topped the standings of the South American qualifiers for the 2010 World Cup finals.

Romario, who combined well with Bebeto back in the days, believes the 1994 World Cup winning captain, Dunga was unfairly treated. One of my favourite players of all time, one of the greatest goalscorers in the history of the game was in Singapore where he opened the Brazilian Football Exhibition.

He said, "Everyone criticised Dunga, but actually, he wasn't wrong. That's how football is played nowadays. Teams are now very organised in a European-style. But as the next World Cup is in Brazil, and with a lot of renewal and young players coming through in our national squad, and with the home support of the Brazilians, we will play much better."

I always mention my amazing first hand experience watching the man play at the twilight of his career, that Romario, who scored 55 times in 70 international games and a thousand other goals, he roamed the 18 yard box for 90 minutes and only touched the ball 4 times, in November 1999, and he scored a hat-trick.

Mano Menezes has since been appointed Brazil coach and is expected to unearth to the world a new generation of players like Neymar and Ganso from Santos.

Romario de Souza, who played at the Zimbabwe National Sports Stadium in the late 198os with PSV Eindhoven against Racing Sports Club of Argentina in an international charity match has a team he calls America and is running for a seat in the Brazilian Parliament.