Friday, July 30, 2010

South Africa vs Ghana At Soccer City.

This fixture, to take place on the 7th of August 2010, until further notice shall be best dubbed South Africa versus Black Stars of Ghana because the South African football team are nameless. The match will take place at the currently nameless stadium that we will risk calling Soccer City for the benefit of those who want to go and watch the misser of a crucial final second penalty, at the same venue of that horrible and embarrassing deed, Asamoah Gyan. Michael Essien may be in the 18 area for that one.

The South Africa football bosses are trying to come out with a new name for the team. South African Rugby Union want the High Court to change the name of a Football Cathedral to National Stadium so they can play rugby with Australia on the 21st of August 2010. A naming rights company say the name must revert back to being FNB because FIFA asked SAFA not to use branded names for their World Cup stadia during the World Cup. It sounds like someone somewhere is crazy, and crazy indeed. By the way, as a condition to the rugby, NO VUVUZELA. Now I think the crazy one here is me, cause I just don't understand where this is going or is coming from.

Talking about crazy stuff, Ghana will roll into Mzansi haunted by the crazy Luis Suarez who was a nightmare to them not so long ago with those common knowledge antics. For South Africa, there won't be ant Diego Forlan, thank God. They will remember how all Africans rallied behind them and even cried in that sympathetic ordeal with Uruguay in the 2010 FIFA World Cup quarter-final. Black Stars, tough luck. While there will be no love lost, the World Cup has ended, the honey moon is over. South Africans will be rooting for South Africa. Each man for himself now and only God for us all.

Before we leave Forlan and Suarez, the pair are unlikely to feature in the Uruguay friendly with Angola. It will be a short change for the African football to be denied the class act of a football supremest Diego Forlan. As for Suarez, it is the best that could happen for the continent at this time of mourning. That is Angolan stuff, and it must be in Portuguese, so obrigado!

As for South Africa, there is a baptism of fire for new SA coach, Pitso Mosimane. He has to bring together a squad of his taste, cool down the hyper hang-over of having played in the World Cup. All eyes will be on his strategy and influence on the players and his style. He will do well to absorb the pressure and win the English-like press. There is no way Pitso will escape the comparison of both Joel Santana and Carlos Alberto Parreira. You can't help but wish the guy luck.

Ghana, on their part are a force in world football. They will be pushing their luck to maintain their status as Africa's cream. For those who are into traditional beer like myself, it is a match I would not miss, as a 'vanya'.

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