Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Someone Please Tell Me where is the Wenger I know.

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(Pic by Yahoo Sports)

Want the truth, facts and logic? In football you can depend on Arsene Wenger of course and Harry Redknapp. It is a huge coincidence I just love both these men.

Harry does not mind spending on good players but Wenger is a little stingy. Harry will tell you, go to hang, so will Wenger, but this time Wenger is saying it to the wrong guy: Barcelona.

Arsenal needs to grow with the times. They have groomed the best for Europe and continue to do so. The success of Arsenal will by no means be dependant on Cesc Fabregas, not this season. He is one of the best in the business and his influence is immense. Stalling his move to his dream team by Wenger is but a counter-attack to his own personal believes.

Arsenal nurtured and parted ways amicably and honourably with Thierry Henry, the same way Fabregas deserves. Their biggest undoing was letting Emmanuel Adebayor and Kalo Toure to Manchester City last season. That turned what was Arsenal's maturity date upside down.

It will be seen how a man with a heart in the Nou Camp plays football at the Emirates. Wenger still believes in walking in water, unfortunately.