Monday, July 26, 2010

Many Thanks To People Like These!

There is an African saying, 'A drum that not beat itself', nor does 'a whistle blow by itself.' Unfortunately, some people say I am a vuvuzela and am banned, but they blow me to come nice.

Seriously, I never took myself as a celebrity or a person of note. This note, among others from different people, from Mandla Mkwananzi on July 23, 2010, made me choke with emotion.

"It's good to finally see your face ndoda. I have been hearing about you in the papers for over fifteen yrs or so. You are one of the most inspiring people in Zimbabwe's football circles. Keep up good work."

He went on to say "In my mind I was envisioned a man in suits and tie, because of the way you have raised the standard, however it was interesting to see you pictures because you looked like a normal guy whom one can relate to. I am pretty sure that i have never met you but, if I saw you in the streets and you introduced yourself. I would have not believed you.


It's always amazing that great people are ordinary people doing ordinary things thru an extra ordinary God. I am glad that your face looks ever more sociable than I would have thought. It is guys like you and many others who have made Bulawayo a soccer capital."


Wow! I am so humbled Mandla. To all you friends and readers who send me messages and chats, God bless you.