Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Foreign is Lekker.

I think I am an old-fashioned guy with visible hidden agendas. I am supposed to be at least happy that South African and Zimbabwean football teams hire foreign coaches. The English football team is and has been coached by expatriates. These guys are always bring ideas and education for Africa.

I worked briefly with Clemence Westerhof. I was a student of Carlos Alberto Parreira. Compared to the exposure of hundreds of African coaches, that is nothing. Considering the expatriates have been teaching us since the stone age, I conclude that us African football mentors are data-proof. We will be taught until the cows come home, if there will be cows than.

Zambia hired Italian Dario Bonnetti as coach. His record as a player is given as 2 caps and I do not know why. Maybe just to rub it in? Good job. He coached lower divisions in Italy. That is lots of experience if you ask me. He replaces a Frenchman. There is no better 'succesee' than that. Herve Benard is going to teach Angola what the Zambians failed to learn. Maybe Portuguese is related to French when it comes to diski.

Can I say something sane for once. I wish to own Tiger Woods' bank account for an hour. There is no way I can deal with it appropriately before the 60 minutes are up. The guy is loaded more than any sportsperson, despite his lack of winning and scandals. He beats Roger Federer and David Beckam.

Talking of beating, Phillipino Manny Paciao will not be fighting Mayweather Junior anytime soon. These guys will give any excuse to keep their records intact. First it was Mayweather's drug tests issues and then Pacman claims to have set a deadline Mayweather did not meet, probably because the later's uncle punched a female boxer.

This is no more diski. Angiyeke into zabantu.