Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Someone Send My CV To Craven Cottage

What is the fuss of recycling old and tried and failed coaches? This question is validated on the basis that it is not an African problem anymore. I like the idea of going green obviously, but going grey? No no.

Martin Jol served Tottenham Hotspurs well over some long spell. He decided to get employed home at Ajax. He did a tremendous job cultivating a normal Dutch culture in the ranks. I do not know the man so well, but the tug of war that is ensuring between Ajax and Fulham is a little disturbing, to say the least. Actually, the issue is with the desperation of Fulham. Send them my CV.

Anyway, we were warned. The end of the World Cup meant the activities of world diski will be back with us without end. No vuvuzelas in the Premiership. As if someone threatened to take one into the stadium, we await the long list to make the status quo official. 

The juicier stories are a possible Didier Drogba move to Manchester City. As usual, all are denying everything. Steven Gerrard promises to stay put at Liverpool, and I can tell you that is a safe bet as placing your money on Deco going back to Brazil for now. I may not advise much on Javier Mascherano joining Rafa Benitez at Juventus.

The French stars leant to check IDs of prostitutes they do business with the hard way. Franc Ribery and Karim Benzema were in custody for betraying their wife with a minors. The lessons will be costlier than the forgotten joy of the sin of illicit cohabitation they got also at a good price.