Thursday, July 22, 2010

Highlanders FC Bosso Bank Details Available.

The air of expectation for Highlanders FC Bosso's arrival in Johannesburg may not rival the 2010 FIFA World Cup, but for a few, it exceeds the euphoria. Amahlolanyama make a historic entry to the City of Gold, Johannesburg, South Africa from the City of Kings, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

The team of 'Cry Mantengwane' fame date Jomo Cosmos FC, Ezenkosi, on Sunday afternoon at the Johannesburg Stadium at 15:00 hours Central African Time. While the game is set to raise awareness of Xenophobia attacks and raise money for the victims, it is the actual diski that matters for now.

Highlanders FC have been a power-house of Zimbabwean football, despite being reduced to weeping boys nowadays. Not so many teams in neighbouring countries play each other that often. National teams have not locked horns for a while now.

The Zimbabwe Warriors have had the better of South Africa's Bafana Bafana from the days of 1994, when South Africa started to participate in international football after the end of apartheid. The first meeting took place in Harare's National Stadium. Bafana Bafana got a baptism of fire, red-hot live wire Peter Ndlovu scoring an incredible goal, probably the best people have ever seen. Rahman Gumbo also was on target, scoring a scorcher from long-range.

From those days, Zimbabwe has always supplied South African clubs with exquisite talent, even though before, the likes of Bruce Grobelaar, Boet van Ase, Max Shaluza, Boy Ndlovu and Ebson Sugar Muguyo had plied their trade in Mzansi. Some of the popular Zimbabweans in South Africa must be George Nechironga, Mugeyi brothers, Wilfred and William, John and Farai Mbidzo, Edzai Kasinauyo, Nelson Bandura, Cleopas Dlodlo, Robson Mtshitshwa, Tauya Mrewa, Stuart Murisa, Adam and Peter Ndlovu, Tapiwa Kapini, Ezrom Nyandoro, Tinashe Nengomashe and Benjani Mwaruwari. 

For the Bosso players, this becomes an opportunity to showcase their talent. It usually becomes a selfish show that reduces everybody to pedestrians, with each player trying to run with the ball unsuccessfully for 90 minutes. The coach will do well to motivate players to play as a unit to attract attention to teams that seek team players. The more the ball moves around, the quicker it comes back to the same players. This helps to improve the image of the whole team in such a way that in the event no player catches attention, sponsors come forth to help. Either way, team spirit and team work will benefit individuals, the teams and fans will surely have more fun.

On the same note, the young players must be wary of Cosmos' reputation as a physical team. Running with the ball attract medical attention when you play Ezenkosi. It is not necessary that the players get plasters or end their careers at Johannesburg Stadium. It is not a scare message but reality. Cosmos have been known to produce 'Jaws Of Life' defenders.

I can only wish the team and all the fans who already have tickets the best of the game. I envy you all and enjoy your selves.

This link will lead you to the bank details of Highlanders Football Club as given by the Chairman on the website. One can only hope for your monthly contribution to lift the spirit and performance of the team. Ayisoze ibulawe.