Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Isaac Mbedzi - Unsung Heroes.

A gifted and crafty coach going by the name Isaac Mbedzi, goes about his business with amazing astuteness and courage. Isaac founded a very popular football academy, First Mobile Sports Academy. The pain of working with children on a daily basis is one even some parents can not stand. Mbedzi has to get into fine details daily, mindful of the children's fears and emotions. This guy is an excellent administrator and coach. He sets goals and archives them.

I have no doubt the time invested will not go to waste. Usually, the players mature and leave and no body hears about them. They will make their lives and no body will pay the coach or remember he lived. The expenses associated with running a family and a school of football simultaneously, are things that set one's life almost forever.

If you can, where ever you are, sponsor a football team or a single player. Somewhere on this blog, there is an article of how FIFA stipulates compensation for the development of players. As a subject close to my heart. I will revisit the issue and make you see how you can make money by giving out money.

Isaac, adios! I am proud to know you, and to have worked with you. The running around you did organising the Coaches Association may not be remembered by many, but I do. You always gave a strong and positive hands when we ran coaching courses. Your professionalism always carried the day for you when you were at Jumbos. What you have there is heading for world-class status, I'm telling you.

For more about this giant visit http://www.fmsportsacademy.com/