Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Zim Football Does Not Favor Bosso

Today I think the boys never really gave their usual best - typical of derby matches.

I believe we still have the best squad, and its still game on. The competition is getting hot and tricky in and outside the field of play. I also believe Highlanders are fighting fairly in terms of competition, and its hard not fair to expect a team being on form throughout the season.

The good thing is that when we aint playing well we are at least picking a point(s), a characteristic that defines a champion. I believe if our team is to fail to win the league title, people should not lose heart because I believe we have a great squad this season who are doing their best under difficult conditions.

The manner is which our football is structured does not favour Highlanders to win the championship - but I believe so far so good and we can even win it, moreso at this stage when it is inceasingly becoming clear that game is heavily skewed in favour of Dynamos and Harare teams. I argue thus because it is not by default, but a deliberate design that we have 50% (8) of the teams in the PSL coming from Harare.

The relegation and promotion matrix will always ensure that Harare maintains 50%+ stake in the PSL membership. Some teams playing in the Eastern Region are based in Chitungwiza and surrounding Harare areas. In a 'good' season Harare can add a team from the northen region D1 and Eastern Region whose home ground would be Rufaro or some venue in Harare. This is not necessarily true for the Southern Region. Next season there is a realistic chance that we might be having Chicken Inn and Highlanders in the PSL in the even of ZPC Hwange being promoted. This has a huge bearing to Highlanders and outside the capital teams as they have to travel more frequently to the capital.
For some teams without sound financial base like Kwelas it can even be worse. It is not surprising when you hear that a PSL team failed to feed the boys after a game in Mutare, because travel chews a lot of money. I believe this scenario is even more serious for teams outside Harare and Bulawayo, and hence we have never seen a team from the two cities winning the title. Little Monoz and Motor Action have won it before and thanks to this skewed nature of the PSL.

It is so sad that even financially stronger teams like FC Platimum can fail to compete effectively when chased by Dynamos and Harare teams.

There are no derby matches in Gweru, Hwange, Mutare and totally no PSL action in Beitbridge, Gwanda, Vic Falls, Plumtree, Kwekwe etc, but teams are crammed in Harare. I believe this is a sad scenario that does not favour proper development of the game of football in Zimbabwe. The Harare teams only travel 8 times throughout the season out of Harare, while Bulawayo teams have to travel 13 times and its even worse for Hardbody and moreso for Hwange from Mat North! If Hwange was not sponsored by Colliery I think they would have folded ages ago.
By Sbue
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