Saturday, September 1, 2012

Champions of Euro

Champions of Europe? 4-1 Demolition, what a joke! outplayed & outclassed by style & class of Falcao & AM, what can you say about him-pure genius!!! Super Cup turned to super mauling for Roman's Chelski by the technically gifted Athletico Madrid. This confirms winning CL was a total fluke & just to watch a team which spent hundreds of millions of pounds being embarrased by a team which hasn't got a buck and barely spent one million last season was so disgusting & criminal to the sport. A timely reality check for the Chelsea fans, you wish you could play Wigan & Reading every week. Your team looked ordinary & was totally outclassed in every respect shaming the English football, no wonder you finished 6th last season. I said all along I dont think Chelski has looked remotely good this season, even in the premiership they have been shaky, uncomfortable and lacking any cohesion. The points have come but the point was made tonite that the sides playing them were NOT of an good standard to provide real test. Tonight they were, Chelsea were played off the pitch, utterly, conclusively and without mercy. It could have and should have been 8 really, thanks to the posts and desperate acts with slathers of luck. One point is Hazard knack of falling over, just when you think the Chelski is getting rid of serial divers, in comes another. For goodness sake, Drogba out and in comes his replacement! Welcome to planet earth Chelsea, you can stop dreaming now, you took one hell of a beating and you deserved it. You are rubbish!!!!
By Sbue
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