Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Can ZIFA and Hayatou support Highlanders?

While trying to be optimistic and biased, realism and 'factuality' needs much more attention than passion and fanaticism. Understanding that African football speaks French is the starting point.

Beside the 'Francosoccerity' side of the story, the Arabs have been known for their petro-dollar in bankrolling the game and flirting with the 'holier than thou' fathers of confederation. Even closer to the ground, so far, there is no reason to believe all are happy that the dominance of the game by the southerners over pseudo champions.

Without pouring water over potential reversal ZIFA bundled issues, one can only pray that it is a success. By prayer, I mean strong prayer -  all night prayer. Reports elsewhere in the cyber space are that Issa Hayatou, Cameroonian CAF boss will visit Zimbabwe for some football business after discussing Asiagate issues and the plight of Highlanders who were registered by ZIFA for CAF Champions League.

Positive as it is, the outcome will depend on the balls Ndumiso Gumede brings to the field. As for the rest, I have my doubts about the excitement for the reversal of the decision to 'unban' Bosso. It takes the confidence in the system for one to believe in the principles of the football leaders in that country.

Given the clandestine ruling of a committee that sat over a Dynamos versus Hwange matter, I have as much confidence as anyone else who believes that Bosso and Dembare can share a bed.

Dynamos were awarded a match - 3 points, 4 goals and a clean bill for for a case involving assaulting Hwange technical team members during their league match sometime back in the Zimbabwe capital. This should have confused Dynamos themselves and it is easy to believe that they still cannot believe it themselves.

Now, at this point, Issa is visiting Dynamos territory. I am supposed to believe he will be presented with a case to take Highlanders out of a frying pan. I need much more faith in him and the system for me to do that.
Firstly, there must be genuine and transparent agenda to make the wrong right, that ZIFA are sorry and exonerate Bosso for the anomaly.

This is where Gumede comes in, but knowing the man, he has scruples to be seen to be working for Tshilamoya. He will be trying to do a fair job, of which this is. In that case, the case will be presented and argued fairly, which is excellent.

After all is said, there will be much to be done. The French speaking Issa will now have to be rational. Not that he is incapable, but history has taught us what he is capable of. Of course, a tiger can change his spots and this will be one opportunity. This is so, given that there is a clause that Bosso will not be replaced by a local team for the spot they forfeit by disqualification.

It is unclear who the potential benefactors will be if it has to be that way. It will not be out of place that teams from Central and West Africa will be drooling at the opportunity and it will be never out of place for the CAF President to desire to be Father Christmas.

The 'second wife' of CAF would be the dwellers of the Sahara, who are watching with with a hawk's eye. CAF headquarters are in Egypt and you can bet how much of each other's hands they wash. It does not mean as distant cousins we can stop expecting the goodies, but it helps to understand where we stand.

It really is the mercy of the Most High that the case may be looked at, and there is no recourse say, to forward the case to FIFA because the competition and it's rules are not under FIFA. Understanding the complex relationship of these football bodies is vital. ZIFA reports to FIFA and CAF. CAF does not report to FIFA. So FIFA will not entertain the CAF cases.

All this can really turn out to be a fuss and one prays it is, but first things first, ZIFA has to fight for Bosso and then Hayatou have to back Southern Africa for once, no mean task by any measure.