Saturday, September 1, 2012

Lee graffiths liverpool owner.

The owners have probably cut £20-30 million of the wage bill this transfer window which sugests severe cost cutting and even asset stripping the club to a certain extent. In my opinion its gonna continue to happen in the january window too they will offload all the top earners joe cole is next followed by Carra and a hell of a lot of our vast youth teams will go too. It is a major major streamlining of liverpool F.C in all areas and it wouldnt suprise me if its all a plan to make a bigger profit at the end of the season to look more appealing to a quick sale in the summer for them and a future quick buck for them a £100 million profit on any sale to come its obvious and so clear to see they are clearing the decks and having a fire sale you wait and see theres more misery to come and more asset stripping they would have sold agger and skrtle if they had got the money they were asking for so dont be suprised about anything or anyone being sold in the next year and that includes sterling, Gerrard or any other player................Lets hope we are bought by some billionaire next and used as his play thing for the next 10 years (G)
By Sbue
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