Sunday, September 23, 2012

Highlanders vs Shabanie match Live Commentary

(Courtesy of Highlanders 1 - 0 Shabanie

Full-time:-  Highlanders 1 - 0 Shabanie

16:51 Shabanie piles the pressure, good save Ariel

16:50 Injury time now

16:48 Still Bosso 1 - 0 Shabanie and the game is swinging from one end to another

16:43 Bosso piling pressure again,what a match

16:40 Ozias forces a great save from the Shabanie kleeper

16:30 Away from Zim soccer, Manchester United has beaten Liverpool by 2 goals to 1. Steven Gerrard scored for Liverpool, Rafael equalised and Van Persie scored a penalty

16:29 Bosso substitution, Heretain in Bheki out

16:26 Goal Mambare scores a scorcher 

16:25 Another draw looks likely for Bosso, and if it stay like this Dynamos will have a 5 points gap

16:18 Time wasting by Shabanie players

16:17 Bosso now play 3-5-2

16:16 Sub Double substitution from Bosso, Lawson out Rio in. Munawa out Bevan in

Some sections of the fans say the substitution was nothing to do with his performance because he was better that Fazo, they think his argument with KK in the first half where Mthulisi Maphosa had to intervene was the cause

16:14 Bosso piling on the pressure

16:11 Caleb running rings in the mid

16:10 Masimba overheads, over bar

16:03 Second half underway

15:48 Halftime still nil all

15:45 3 minutes added for injury time

15:32 Fazo cross, header by Bheki, save by Shabanie keeper

15:29 Good pressure from Bosso

Highlanders line-up
Ariel,  Mapuranga,  Mdzingwa, Dumisani Fazo, Lawson, Mthulisi, Munawa, Milton, Masimba Mambare, Bheki, Ozias

On the bench
Peter Rio, Beavan Chikaka, Heritan Masuku, Atlast Masuku, Cleopas Dube