Sunday, September 2, 2012

'Thieves' hunting for Kaindu?

Highlanders face Motor Action this afternoon, looking to fend off challenges from the throne pretenders and the platinum detractors. Bosso will be in action goring the Bulls at Barbourfields, eying full-points and maintain a clean record to extend the unbeaten run.

While the records are not an issue, neither the Castle Premiership title, it is today's match that victory will be mandatory for Kelvin Kaindu. The Zambian is looking forward to fending off the proposal from FC Platinum who are dangling a juicy carrot.

Platinum are rumoured to be laying wait to ambush the Tshilas coach in their usual style, the tactics they used to swoop in for Gilbert Banda and company. For his pride and mission, it is not likely he will jump ship now, and if it happens next season, it will be understandable and forgiven, given he is a family man who is a professional footballer.

To prove his focus, his charges have been polished and raring to go in what is expected to be a blockbuster match.