Thursday, October 18, 2012

Soccer Facts

Some interesting facts
1) Cristiano Ronaldo was offered to Lyon as an academy player.
2) In 1983 Ipswich refused Paul Gascoigne.
3) Palace were scouting Diego Milito back in 2004 but didn't finalise it.
4) Ronaldinho to St Mirren.
5) Rebrov and Shevchenko both wenton trial at Spurs back in the day, they went with Rebrov.
6) Sheffield Wednesday had Eric Cantona on trial and said he wasn't good enough.
7) Martin O'Niell had the chance to sign Radamel Falcao at Aston Villa for £7million. He chose Emile Heskey instead.
8) Ibrahimovic turned down the chance to join Arsenal because Wenger wanted him to trial first!
By sbue
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