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Masomere knows 2 Mbada Finalist

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LUKE MASOMERE says Prophet Makandiwa appeared in his dreams on Wednesday telling him the two clubs that will advance to the final of the 2012 Mbada Diamonds Cup. Masomere's wife is a member of Makandiwa's UFI church.

The Shabanie coach did not reveal the identity of the teams that Makandiwa picked, in his dreams, to reach the final.

Shabanie are bracing for a blood-and-thunder showdown against town rivals FC Platinum at Mandava tomorrow in a Mbada Diamonds Cup quarter-final tie that is likely to bring Zvishavane to a standstill.

"I am tipping two teams to go to the finals and I will only say them out after the Saturday game but I have them," said Masomere.

"When I was sleeping last night Prophet Makandiwa appeared in my dreams and told me the two teams.

"I was sleeping vakati unoona here ma team maviri ayo achaenda mberi kusvika kufinal."

The game tomorrow has attracted a lot of attention as the Botswana Meat Supply coach, Chicco Nare, will be travelling today from his base to come and witness the Zvishavane derby.

Masomere appealed for calm ahead of the big clash.

"FC Platinum are our best friends and we are not enemies but oppo­nents and we need to co-habitat in Zvishavane," said Masomere.

"We need each other and if we were enemies Rowan (Nenzou) and Simon (Shoko) could not have been playing for FC Platinum. If we were not friends Muranganwa (Nengo­masha), Farai (Mususunye), Francis (Kanda), Raymond (Sibanda) and Nelson (Maziwisa) could not have been playing for Shabanie Mine.

"We need each other and let the better team of the day win on Satur­day.

"I know that we have prepared well and FC Platinum have done the same because we both want to repre­sent Zimbabwe in the Confedera­tions Cup next season.

"I am happy that I have a better team than in the last two previous games we played and everyone is raring to go,"

Masomere feels Shabanie will also be at home tomorrow even though the game is at Mandava and not Maglas.

"We share the same stadium. Mandava is our stadium and Sha­banie will be playing at home at Mandava and it is very bad to disap­point fans at your home ground and so we need a positive result," said Masomere.

"I am concerned about the behav­ior of some fans, especially when they are drinking beer. They say a lot of negative things about both clubs and they also want to fight at the sta­diums.

"If they are boxers I am encourag­ing them to go and register with ZABA where Petros (Masiyam­bumbi) will take care of them. They will get licenses and they will be allowed to fight whilst the police are watching and nobody will be arrested after the fight.

"Most of the fans that fight have joined betting syndicates and when their team loses they become very emotional.

"In football there are three results — a win, loss and draw and when Real Madrid can lose 6-0 at home, what about a Zimbabwean team? Players earn 300 000 pounds a week with some getting 2 million pounds a month but they still go and lose.

"That is what we call football and fans must grow up."

Masomere said he did not expect any violence tomorrow.

"Why should we throw stones and cans of beer? We do not want to see a sad situation like what happened in Senegal when they hosted Ivory Coast and their fans ended up throwing stones because their national team had lost," said Masomere.

"We must accept results, the ref­eree's decisions and not fight. Vanhu vanongouyawo zvavo kuzowokera bhora kana votitema nematombo tiri mubasa medu munoda kuti tonoshandira kupi?

"The referees have been superb from the first game until now. The mother body has solved that area and I salute the referees for a job well done. Iko zvino mukatamba marara munorohwa muri pa home penyu. Isu muMaglas tinongobvarurwa inga wani."

Masomere said his immediate mission was to qualify for the semi-finals of the Mbada Diamonds Cup.

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