Monday, October 29, 2012

Highlanders Supporters Association launch on the cards

Ngu X ongasolveki. After a dramatic comeback of fortitude and prowess, Highlanders Football Club pulled off a championship character to display the maturity to play just enough for the need of the day. While there is wastage and lack of luck that can be interlaced with the events of yesterday's encounter with Dynamos, Highlanders FC Bosso supporters are coming together resourcefully, this time even stronger as they join forces to form a concrete support base as a united association to support the hardworking boys. 

Still in its infancy, Highlanders Supporters Association is laying foundations to be a recognised body with global participation of all the fans and supporters across the globe, pledging their enthusiastic enrolment. While there is no taking away the 'Bossoness' in any one's blood, the legion of 'amabutho eBosso' will be looking to legitimise their congregation as a united body recognised as the ambassadors of the bigger brand, Highlanders FC.

Already in South Africa and the United Kingdom, these bodies have been operational and their functions are set to be invigorated and synchronised as the supporters unite to engage their resources to participate positively and engage aggressively the changes and motions that will make them active stakeholders in the system. 

Last week, the organisers of the venture came with a budding and yet unprecedented move of sourcing small donations of about $3 per person. Their campaign reached over 6000 people so far, with around 500 already responding to the cause.

The Bosso fans wanted to assist in winning bonuses after the players went on strike, organising payments through ECOCASH on 0775125454. Those with credit cards sent their $3 through PAYPAL ( using the e-mail address Donations are still open and ongoing.

On Paypal, one looks for the option of 'payments', 'send money online' or 'send cash online' and select that choice. The prompts will require for further personal details as well as credit card information, after which the individual will be requested to enter the amount. Once the option to send is hit, one is already registered in the system and the next payments will require an even simpler process, almost hassle-free. 

An interim committee has been set up and the announcement will be made as soon as all members have been contacted and agreed to serve the team with dedication. The interim committee will work on a draft constitution that has been prepared by the organisers. Once complete, all supporters will meet, read the document and adopt it as a constitution of the Highlanders Supporters Association. 

Some of the main objectives of the HSA is to recruit supporters to be members of the Highlanders Football Club, motivate and encourage payment of subscriptions and work at ways and means to help the club within their capacity as supporters. 

According to Nqaba Donga, the organising committee met with the interim committee members, though some were not available due to the short notice of the meeting that was held in Bulawayo. The meeting was chaired by Nodumo Nyathi, an interim committee member of the South African branch that is led by Collet Ndlovu, who is working with Doctor Msebele and Alexander Maseko.

"We will make a formal announcement and also get the executive to know what is happening, because we operate above board and want to remain as such throughout the life of the club", said Donga. He expressed his gratitude to the people donating the funds, pledging and supporting the initiative that is going on now. This follows members asking for the extension of an exercise which was meant to last a few days.

Highlanders FC Secretary General, Mr Andrew Tapela said that transparency and accountability were key, and that is why they gave the South African branch the greenlight. "If things are above board, I don't there is a problem", he said.

Among other things that will be the challenge of the association, will be the issue of driving the crowds to the matches and ensuring the peaceful nature of the football atmosphere as a family outing. Many people expressed satisfaction of the Bossolona movement as a mature entity that has abandoned hooliganism that saw Tshilamoya dragged before the disciplinary committees perpetually over the last few seasons, milking the club of money.

Mantengwane supporters, home and abroad will have the opportunity to bring forth their expertise and dovetail business plans to harness the resources available where they are for the good of the club. People in areas where only small groups can come together will have to liaise with larger group in the nearest bigger branches or forward their opinions and proposals to the main branch in Bulawayo.

As much as branches will have autonomy given the diversity and cultural differences of their locations, they will be answerable to the main branch. Sharing ideas and action plans require excellent co-ordination and the interim committee in Bulawayo showed their mantle over the period of observation prior to their appointment.

To the supporters' credit, their spirits have not been damped by the usual prophets of doom's skepticism and against all odds, have come forth to be counted. Many supporters like Patrick Ndlovu commended the spirit of togetherness despite the barking of the critics.

It is normal for the Bosso family to face the flack from rival clubs and from within, usually bowing to the pressure to the detriment of the club ventures. At this 'enough is enough' juncture, the only way is up. Those willing to be part of the bigger picture have embraced the movement with both hands and already contributing positively in cash and kind. 

Among other things, work and goodies on ways and means will be made public after the necessary protocol obligations to formalise the body. Not much can be revealed about the details and schedules of projects and roadmap, for obvious reasons. 

For the first time in history, the harmony of the working in unison for the good of the club will be fully utilised and be beneficial to the team, instead of individual clamouring voices from a distant mountains and valleys. Like the club that has stood the test of time since 1926, this is one body that must exist until a few seconds before end times. It may not be insulated against prejudice and malice, but members are adviced to heed the Holy Book that says, 'watch and pray'.

In all this excitement, let us not forget to pay tribute to a good fight by the boys at Rufaro Stadium. Thank you to you Kelvin Kaindu. Thanks to all the players and technical team. We salute the Executive committee under the leadership of Peter Dube. There is one Highlanders and one Mthwakazi. Together as one. Alluta continua!