Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Attention to Football Lovers, Fanatics and Peace Lovers.

Firstly I would like to thank the Caps United Supporters for cleaning up a taxi/kombi rank recently. That was a very good and noble idea.

Secondly, I cry for peace at our stadiums, lack of which we contribute to and the other part of which the media and some coaches contribute to.

It is not safe to go to big matches and take your 2 year old child to the stadium at the rate at which the hate speech and vulgar is going.

I watched the Monomotapa and Bosso match, and the way supporters clashed at the Mpilo end is not a good picture for our game, which is crying for cooperate support. Who will want to sponsor violence? NO ONE!

With these and more incidences that we have witnessed in the years gone by and this year too, I want to campaign for a march against soccer violence.

Let us all the soccer fans carry our regalia and go into the streets and MARCH FOR PEACE IN SOCCER. We are brothers and sisters. Let us learn that soccer is just a sport and everyone is free to support his/her team of choice.

I will march ALONE if no one supports the idea. I will tell you the date and time.