Sunday, October 7, 2012

Karuru omossion not due to asiagate

ZIFA President Cuthbert Dube has dismissed rumours that Ovidy Karuru was left out of the Warriors squad for allegations related to the Asiagate match fixing sandal and also absolved former warriors manager Sharif Mussa of playing a part in the scam.

While the continual omission of Karuru from the Warriors squad has resulted in some football followers going as far as saying he is under investigation in relation to the Asiagate scandal, Dube however said this is far from being true.

"He is not suspended for the second time, he is not under investigation and the decision to leave him out was not ours as ZIFA, but that of the technical team which has its own reasons for selecting or excluding players," said Dube.

The ZIFA boss also poured cold water on other rumours regarding former Warriors manager Sharif Mussa's involvement in the Asiagate scandal.

Eyebrows were raised when Mussa was removed as team manager when investigations into the scam had intensified.

Dube however said Mussa's hands are clean as he was never at any time implicated.
"Sharif has never been implicated in the Asiagate scandal. It is just that his termination as team manager coincided with the time when other members of the technical team were suspended, so people jumped to the wrong conclusions," he said.

The Asiagate match fixing scandal has tainted the image of Zimbabwean football.

40 players have however been cleared so far by the ethics committee.

With the entire nation anxious to know of the fate of the remaining players fingered in the biggest scandal ever to rock Zimbabwean football, the matter is on the verge of being concluded as the ethics committee is expected to make its final verdict in the next few days.
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