Monday, October 8, 2012

Bosso match summary

Highlanders 1
Black Mambas 0

LAWSON NKOMO rammed home a stunning last gasp goal that propelled Highlanders to victory and sent the Bosso fans into a state of delirium. It was a powerful ever-rising shot hit from an acute angle inside the box that beat the Mambas keeper all systems out.

The contest was a dull one, not helped by the visitors game plan of wasting time. It boggled the mind how a team languishing in the murky waters of the relegation zone would from the first whistle play for and be content with a point. The mambas young goalie spent much of the contest "writhing in agony" down on the turf feigning injury, a ploy to waste time which however back fired on them.

The home fans were in a bouyant mood as everyone expected Mambas to be on the receiving end of a backlash following our first loss to Monomotapa last week. It wasn't to be as we failed to penetrate the packed Mambas defence. We were over elaborate on the ball and were forced to take shots from a distance. The only highlight of the first half was the sending off of the Mambas youngster who got a rush of blood to the head and in their own half made a two footed lunge at Masimba Mambare who had to receive a lengthy treatment.

We continued to struggle in the second half & our strikers were being shut out with ease by the tall defenders of the police out fit. We were just flat and our touches were a bit heavy most of the times. Kevin Kaindu introduced Cleopas 'Mbami' Dube inplace of Graham Ncube and it added some impetus to our forward forays. Dube certainly kept the defence on their toes with some clever flicks and nice touches. He got a chance to turn into an instant hero but failed to connect with a looping ball which hung in the air inside the box. He acrobatically swung his right leg but sadly was a second late and the ball spun away.

Our momentum was being disrupted by the fake injuries as most of the Mambas players spent the better part of the second half feigning injury and we were expecting at least 10minutes of addtional time. Then Lawson Nkomo took the bull by its horns and settled matters on 90minutes. We won a corner which was delivered and flicked away by a defender only to fall on Nkomo's feet. What then followed was something truly awesome. Words just can't do justice in describing the goal. From an acute angle on the blind side and through a forest of bodies, Lawson unleashed a rocket, an ever rising shot back across goal. The ball hit the roof of the net and Barbourfields erupted in pure relief & delight. The three points were secured but were laboured for. Next on our radar is the revenge match against Monomotapa in the Mbada quarter finals in a fortnight.

Ariel 6
Was never troubled as he prepared to guard goal for Zim in Angola.

Lawson 6
Match winner. He was subbued up until the time he scored.

Kangwa 4
Never made any telling contribution.

Inno 5
A few anxious moments as some of his clearances were mis-timed.

Eric 6.5
Steady defending throughout.

Mthulisi 5
His passes were finding the opposition more often than not.

Rio 3
Had a poor match & later subbed.

Milton 3
Was also not in it.

Mambare 5
His marker had his number as he stuck to him like glue

Graham 4
Played way too wide to make an impact

Ozias 3
Was kept quiet in the back pocket but the gangling centre backs.

Cleopas 6
Showed urgency and some neat touches

Hariten 4
Came in but never clanged the complexion of the match..
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