Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Name proposal for BF stadia to Emagumeni ; Mathema ,

BULAWAYO Metropolitan Province Governor and Resident Minister Cain Mathema has called on the City Fathers to consider renaming White City Stadium after the late Vice President Joseph Msika.

This, he said, would be in recognition of the former veteran politician's contribution to the nation and Bulawayo community.

He made the call at the World Prison Day Celebrations at White City Stadium on Saturday. In an interview yesterday, Governor Mathema said it was unfortunate that Bulawayo did not have anything named after the late Vice President.

"It is important that we honour our heroes. He was a stalwart of the liberation struggle and contributed so much to this country. Honestly we must have something tangible named after him.

"I recommend to the Bulawayo City Council to consider that," said Mathema.

Mathema said it was imperative that the stadium changed its name to Joseph Msika Stadium since the late Vice President stayed in Pelandaba suburb which is close to White City Stadium.

"He lived in Pelandaba for a very long time. It would be fitting if that honour was bestowed on him, he deserves it," he said.

Another factor that Mathema said would be in Msika's favour is the fact that he played football for one of the oldest clubs in the country, Zimbabwe Saints.

"He was a soccer man through and through. Vice President Msika played for Zimbabwe Saints too. He also spearheaded the formation of the Warriors Trust Fund," said the Governor.

The committee undertook fundraising activities for the Zimbabwe senior national team in 2005 and 2006.

Through his initiative Zifa were able to get buses, generators and executive vehicles for use by senior employees and association boss Wellington Nyatanga.

Governor Mathema said BCC should also consider renaming Barbourfields Stadium Emagumeni.

"Barbourfields Stadium is commonly known as Emagumeni . . . that is the name fans like to call the stadium. Mind you, how many people know who White or Barbour were? So let's have our own names that have an appeal to us.

"Comrade Msika has an appeal to the people here, soccer fans like to call Barbourfields Emagumeni, there should not be a problem with that change too," said Governor Mathema
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