Sunday, November 28, 2010

Highlanders on the roll as they brush aside

After sealing Bantu Rovers last week by a 1-0 win, Highlanders continued with their fairy tale unbeaten run under Mkhuphali Masuku. Bosso scored the all important goal by Menard Mupera. While the victories will not push the Black and White outfit to the honours, it augers well for the confidence of the team in the next season.

Highlanders have been having a see-saw of issues on and off the field but the morale seems to be sky high and the fans are having the time of their lives, living the yesteryear memories they thought they would never come to see again. Tshilamoya were facing relegation in the face weeks before Mr. Cooper took over. They have managed 27 points out of 27 by beating Eagles by another 1-0 margin.