Sunday, November 14, 2010

African Women Championships - I am being sued.

In a very sad and unforgivable turn of events, I expect women lib organisation for my gross neglection of their very attractive brand product that was both revealing and sexy. There was an extravaganza of football and fiesta of women football in South Africa as the best African women footballers showed a few tricks to other teams like Stoke City how to pass the ball around. Mind you, Stoke City beat Liverpool last night by a 2-0 margin.

The African championships are also used as a FIFA World Cup qualifier in Germany next year. It was hard enough to watch the attractive girls doing their thing and to be productive at the same time. The passing and finishing was superb. There was less aggression and the energy was positive. South Africa ran away with the bronze medals while Nigeria will wrestle gold from holders, Equatorial Guinea this afternoon.

While the women lib movements gather the evidence and compile papers to serve me, I need not much to defend myself. There were teams that fielded men. It really did not matter to me that if was dubbed the Africa Women Championships. Some of the men fielded by West and East African nations were more men than the men we know here. I have all the photos and pictures to prove that. Further to that, all of you who followed the games are my witnesses.

Anyway, let the papers come and meanwhile, we await the match between Arsenal and Everton. I expect Everton to throw kitchen sinks and toilet seat at the Gunners and it will be refreshing if Arsenal get the points. As a former Gunner myself, I sympathise with Arsene Wenger, and all we both can do is hope. We depend on hope and luck.

Can you remember the name of the guys or nations that fielded men in the women tournament? It was amazing!