Tuesday, March 29, 2011

When 'non-racist' is very racist

The weekend qualifier matches and friendlies have been overshadowing a big talking point and there seems to be further efforts to thwart the news. The Scottish Football Association is at pains to explain that Brazil star Neymar was racially abused by the Tartan Army at the Emirates Stadium.

I guess they are actually rtying to say no one was racially abused. At this point, they say there has been consultation between the Metropolitan Police and Arsenal Football Club who want us to believe that a German teenage tourist threw a banana onto the pitch during the Brazil v Scotland International Friendly at Emirates Stadium on Sunday, but did not mean any racial harm.

At 19 years of age is not young. "The youngster was sitting in the North Bank of Emirates Stadium, an area of the stadium which was occupied by the official allocation of tickets to Brazil supporters, when he threw the banana onto the pitch during the second half of the match. Neymar said he did not see the banana being thrown, but saw it on the ground next to him as he was near the touchline.

How is a racist banana differ from a non racist banana? Why did it have to be by a German and not Brazilian? Why did it decide to fall next to a black Brazilian player? Did not black people in the stadium have bananas to throw at white players, or have the energy to propel the fruit to the Scottish? Can anybody confirms there were no chancts heard? Questions can be asked but answers will be few. At the end of the day, to say that the banana throwing was not racist is extremely racist, to be polite.