Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Today Spurs represents

For a moment tonight, friends and foes gather in spirit from several parts of the world at White Hart Lane. Many are in high spirits after Tottenham Hotspur beat 6 time UEFA Champions at the San Siro. Spurs are having their first shot at the Cup in modern times. The others are of heavy spirit after a dismal Arsenal performers who bowed out to superior Barcelona 24 hours ago.

For all Engish football lovers, Spurs have to revenge the Gunners tonight. All the hype and fuss is not unfounded. Spurs are capable. After so many doubts of their abilities, they pulled off a string of astonishing results and records. With their last victory coming in the absence of Gareth Bale, there is no doubt that their abilities are anchored on team work. Bale may play a part tonight, byt Rafael van der Vaart is the man to do the damage.

Spurs have been very unlucky with injuries and for them, this fixture is a fun game and that relieves all the pressure to perform. AC Milan have a reputation to prove. Some men can stand up and be counted when it matters the most and there is nothing to suggest this will be their moment. Spurs have a crawd, the ground and the players behind them. Not to reward evil, there is no way Gattusso's antics will be unpunished by the Creator.

At the end of the day, Harry Redknapp has all the keys and buttoms he needs to land the Londoners on the moon tonight. All ye Spurs, can you feel it?