Thursday, March 24, 2011

They all cheated their wives

If one has a team-mate and are very loose friends, and the friend has a girlfriend who bears him a child, then the child's mother is no longer together with the friend and the two friends play for separate teams although one captains the national team, what business of coach, media and supporters is it, that the skipper be stripped of his authority in the game for the relationship with the ex of his ex-teammate?

As fate would have it, the skipper by default, has his armband back and then there is a hull scum cacophony and pandemonium hullaballoo about nothing. Don't we have no fly zones or earthquakes to talk about. There is also a global sporting event in India to take our attention. The cricket ICC World Cup and the upcoming UEFA Champions League is far better news.

We are generally a gossiping generation and achieve far less despite all access to information provided for by the modern day technology. John Terry knew Wayne Bridge and his girlfriend. Bridge could not commit to this woman for whatever reason. The woman or Terry loved Terry or the woman. Terry should be crucified for cheating on his wife though, not for Wayne Bridge's left-overs.

But I will tell you why. Though a few may have wanted his armband and have not gone out with their former team-mates ex's, the same cannot be said about on cheating on their wives among the lot. It is a case of throwing the first stone. If anyone does not want John Terry to go out with their ex's, they should marry them themselves. That will run dry Terry's options. Until then, Terry, the armband is yours and ex's are available, but shame on you for cheating on your wife.