Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Leave Jose alone

Jose Mourinho is one of the greatest coaches of the game. I rate him the best. He has said he respects Spurs and their ability since they beat Inter and AC Milan. Any team with that pedigree, can beat anyone on their day.

The Special One is never one to mince his words or beat by the bush. He has always expressed his love for English football. When he mentioned again this week, the world is abuzz as if the man is leaving Real Madrid tomorrow.

Leave Jose alone. He has a contract to fulfil and a mission to accomplish. He is a man who will not walk away from a chaleenge. Chances are, good money, as it can do to any man, will. The only monied team with a budget muscle are Manchester City.

Mourinho has once said, for the respect of Sir Alex Ferguson, he will not go to City. Arsene Wenger is not retiring soon either. Carlo Ancellotti's job is as secure as Marmur Gaddaffi's future, but there is nothing special to get fron Stanford Bridge for Jose, but again, Roman Abrahamovic can buy anything he wants.

There are all combinations and possibilities of the destination of the best tactician of all time, but it will not be soon.