Thursday, March 31, 2011

Arsenal only win when United win

In 7500 BC, boats made of reeds were being manufactured and used in the Middle East. It is not clear whether that is the reason the region has been blessed with the fuel to propel these. However, the first ever known beer was being brewed in Mesopotamia about 6000 BC, the same time that the wheel is believed to have been inverted in Sumeria. I agree with you here that the whole point was to transport the beer as the boys were getting tired of rolling huge drums of the alcohol. (Source; Jim Cowan

My last look at the Barclays Premier League showed how bottom teams are cramped at the bottom. Bottom seems a little harsh given that there is basically no base at the anchor. I say this because, Wigan Athletic, though occupying that position, can be 7th 4 matches later. That is assuming all teams above them do not register more than 7 points each in that period. That is very much possible. By the same token, the 7th placed Bolton are just as relegation candidates.

Wigan begin that bid at home against a team that is central-defenceless and preparing for the biggest match of their lives, a UEFA Champions League quarter-final tie against Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernebeu, next week. Birmingham will host Bolton Wanderers, while Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea travel to West Ham, West Brom and Stoke City respectively. These are not easy matches for the big boys. Arsenal and Manchester City will have the privilege of playing a home fixture against Blackburn and Sunderland, very tough customers indeed.

As we all know by now, the Gunners will have an outstanding performance, but, as for the result, it will depend on others. Arsenal will have a handsome win provided Manchester United will win. Any draw and lose for United will see a bad result at the Emirates. Chelsea and Liverpool are just unpredictable. You can bank on a depleted Spurs beating any team before a Champions League match. We all know what happens after all the hype of a good show they will put against the Galatico.

I await your respected opinions about the weekend.