Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Manchester United look dangerous for Arsenal's liking

Manchester United played a match Arsenal should have not watched. The Red Devils devoured Marseille 2-1 in a UEFA Champions League encounter last night, proving to be both lucky and well managed.

At this point of the season, all teams hope to see fatigue setting in in other teams to their advantage. United, having an inside out season and being at the summit of the Barclays Premier League, seemed to be peaking. For their fans, it is welcome news.

The fans and players on chasers, Arsenal and leaders, United is justified given the Gunners will have far less matches to play than Manchester United. It is tempting to suppose they will rest more, being fresher for most of their league matches and suffering fewer injuries. United could be thought to be at risk with the opposite happening in their camp.

However, shrewd as Sir Alex is, United may be getting all the high level practice there is to collect his second or third treble. There is no reason to believe they will burn out, given their main striker is playing the final 20-30% of the matches these days.

Top scorer, Dimitr Berbetov has been set aside by SAF who is giving Chicharito and Wayne Rooney more playing time. The Mexican is proving to be hungry to cement the starting 11 place and is impressing. This makes United very dangerous, and as a Gunner fan, this is not the news you should be reading.