Wednesday, June 21, 2017

2017 Fifa Confederation Cup. The video assistant referee

The International Federation of Football Associations,(FIFA) finally considered the video referee assistant at the top level of the game.

I for one, advocated for this technology, but given what we have seen so far, it is not ayoba, unless of course, a few adjustments can be made.

For starters, one scored a goal and celebrated for lengthy periods and the ball is even centred. Suddenly, the decision to call the ball back comes and kills all that joy.

Equally, one scores a goal, thinks it is ruled unlawful and there is not even a celebration, then suddenly "You have scored". This is bizarre.

The technology must not be abused at any time. The human referee must be let to do his job. The VRA team must always have their story at their finger tips, just in case there is a query.

That is how it works in tennis with Hawk-eye and cricket's DRS. If no one complains and the decision is wrong, tough luck. 

And again, if the incident occurs and there is a complaint, the VRA team have enough time between the captain's approach to the referee and the consultation.

Indeed, we always see slow-motion almost instantly anyways.