Thursday, June 22, 2017

Highlanders merchandise; What do you have?

The Bosso sons
What Highlanders Football Club merchandise do you own? 

Replica jerseys, mug, sticker, pen, writing pad, jersey, scarf, cap, beanie/monkey face, pyjamas, key-holder, cosset, door mat, wall paper, stapler, bottle opener, cellphone cover, bed sheets, bed cover, towel, kid nappies, tissue paper and other merchandise?

Of whatever you have, which one is genuine and helping the club? If not, ungumbulali. All fans and supporters must police piracy and eradicate it completely and speedily. 

The first port of call for all, is ensuring the Bosso merchandise is legit and all must have it. The club must quickly assign few people to produce a set of items for a certain commission and the supporters' base must ensure that there is no unlicensed sell of these goods.

The Bosso Legends were at the forefront of the Funeral Plan and Medical scheme concept. It must be taken further and very seriously. Again, astute business people who love money must be tasked with the project.

Utilising people who are not hungry for money is a death sentence to success. The idea dies before conception. Due diligence cannot be left to the whim of those celebrating mediocrity.

Business people who want success, who will diligently follow every cent and take no nonsense have to be identified and tasked to run a business in conjunction with or on behalf of the team.

The questions that need to be answered are; would you not join the  Highlanders F.C Funeral Plan? Will you not buy the Bosso merchandise? Funeral Plan and Medical Aid need to be made global and payments available online.

The club must cede branding merchandise rights to sell everything from vuvuzelas, baby nappies, blankets, coffee mugs, umbrellas, side mirror socks, car bras, stickers, balloons, seat covers, tablecloths, doormats, or swim wear.

These products must be worldwide. Opening a merchandise shop at Emagumeni and displaying everything the team has ever won would make it attractive.

Displaying the pictures of the history of the team would make selling memorabilia even easier.

In South Africa, the Premier Soccer League gave a percentage of sponsorship money for the people who negotiated the deals, and that changed the South African, and indeed African league football.

Other projects to be embarked on include the use of the club colours and flags on branding taxis and buses.

The legends can be tasked with such as they have time and focus to pursue these ideas totally and harness the complete potential of the brand as they self-advertise by their presence.

Highlanders must not be a burden of people from outside. How the team survives on charity like an ‘Old People’s Home’ was taboo and must never be repeated.

More often than not, the selfish protection of the team’s brand gets its potential sterilised to the detriment to the pregnantation of the locked up potential.

Old culture and outdated view points stunt the growth of the club’s finances and renders the followers the laughing stock.

Until when? What Highlanders need right now, is, you and I.

From the book; "What Highlanders Need Right Now! currently available on as an e-book, Kindle version and paperback for $0.99 limited promotion. Keutsepilemang Ndebele is a former Highlanders Football Club Technical Adviser (2001), currently Technical Adviser and Video Analyst at Witbank Spurs FC.