Monday, June 5, 2017

Highlanders; This is very painful

The current executive committee did a good job under the circumstances. They played their part well.
The late Colonel James Mangwana (Mangwana) Tshuma (MHSRIP) was the best, his work ethics and vision inspired many, and this executive committee should have taken a leaf.

Highlanders, being a big team, have a purpose whose arrival time is here. The greater Bosso family cannot sit and watch. The team has to come back. Have we forgotten the Black and White road shows of old? With loud music and the get downs? Why the clowning now?

Accepting to be average and mediocrity has seen trophies and championships slip through the fingers. Since when has the Cathedral of Football known as BF become a slaughterhouse of Amahlolanyama?

Tshilamoya has become an ordinary name. This is the year to take the team back, to set the standards. Bosso sets the standards and the pace and others follow. attended. The previous executive committee carried the aspirations and pride of the legion of followers, supporters and fans. They could have done much better.

The feeling of betrayal and abuse from the elected leaders is not easy to bear. The apathy of members in such important meetings and elections is as huge a concern.

The attitude of the team comes from the fans who take things for granted and that is gross. The team is supreme and people must respect the Club, the black and white colours, the stadium and the culture of winning.

It is Bosso's right to rule and rule it shall, and it is not a privilege. Less commitment to people’s responsibilities leads to the same attitude in team. Where is your passion? Highlanders F.C are not just a name, a team, a club or a personal property. It is a way of life. It is a lifestyle.

The fans are as guilty of the team’s performance. It is abuse to neglect renewing membership and paying subscriptions. That is criminal and must stop. Players put hours in the game and are blamed and yet supporters put nothing and they throw the first stones.

Cheap talk of fans made Bosso a vehicle of failure, a laughing stock. It must never be. One cannot expect the best from the team if they are not applying the best themselves. Attending meetings and voting wisely will eliminate the management problems. How many people attend and vote and how many cry foul?

People painted their dogs, houses, bicycles and regalia black and white. Many lost their lives for the team. (Their souls rest in eternal peace.) There are people who have lost families and relationships.

There are people who have no identity for the sake of the team. Some people are called Highlander, Bosso or Mantengwane and then you find the lack of seriousness going on in the club. No one is asking Mangwana Tshuma to rise up from the grave, or Zenzo Moyo and Thulani Ncube to don the
black and white shirts and play.

They did their part. The fans and executive must deliver and it is demanded of everyone involved. Bring the respect of the team back. Let the team bring fear to the foes.

Little teams now do not respect the team. They crawl left and right to touch the Bosso genitals willy-nilly. That must end and the bug must stops with you.