Saturday, June 24, 2017

Mexico overcame Russia 2-1; Portugal beat New Zealand 4-0.

Some VAR decisions so far.

Mexico overcame hosts, Russia 2-1 and Portugal beat New Zealand 4-0. The Russians played very negative football from the onset, playing and throwing the ball back more often than forward.

New Zealand always had a mountain to climb, facing tactically superior European champions. What took centre stage in the two matches was the Video Assistant Referee. 

If I am kicked, or think so, in the 18 area, I should have the right to appeal, either directly or through my captain like in cricket.

I am sure these are some of the issues to get used to for the players, operators and referees. In fact, the procedure must be simple. Any such situation, must be referred to as early as possible, and the team in possession must play the ball outside immediately. 

If a decision is consistant with the initial human referee, then play must be sportingly played back to the team who had possession.

If the reviewed case seem like a total waste of time and unfair, then player requesting a review must get a yellow card, like in simulation. 

I think that will be fair. The teams should be allowed to appeal directly those match changing situations and the appeal must be very genuine.

By the way, Cristiano Ronaldo (14th in 9 for Portugal, 75th for country overall), Bernado Silva, Andre Silva and substitute Nani were on the score sheet.