Monday, June 12, 2017

What Highlanders need right now - the Business Plan

The ocean is made up of many drops of water. The key will be working together here for the love and worthy cause of iBosso. The ultimate source of the Club’s survival is in the people who love the team.

This business plan takes the Club’s finances to a different level. It involves you, your family and friends and every Highlanders fan that you may know, and their friends. 

All this can easily be done in the comfort of your home, office or on the move.

As a match ticket price of $10 a book, if all you, your family, friends and Facebook friends and their friends make a purchase, half the net purchase price will go towards the Club’s coffers, subject to their approval.

After relevant taxes and publication costs, you will realise this is not much if it is just the two people. Sparing $10 a month whether you love Highlanders or football is not a big expense. It may be that you just love this site.

All you need to do is make sure you use social networks and ask your friends to be part of the solution. It must become second nature to you and your pals to make a monthly purchase.

The updates of the e-book will be available to you at the going price. Efforts to get freshest and useful information will be encouraged by the responses. For all in the diaspora, teaching others the use of online purchases and book downloads is encouraged.

In many parts of the world, it is normal practise but there are areas where confidence to make online purchases is low. As the best e-Books publisher is used, the process is very safe. 30 000 copies 12 times a year will leverage the team’s well-being in a big way. It will be easy to track the amounts generated and tax paid. There are more advantages.

With over a potential 360 000 copies annually, a healthy net profit would almost reach a million dollars. This is just part of the deal. Immense marketing by the fans and supporters would push the figures higher. It is something different that can be done from all over the world and at any time.

Purchases by friends who do not know the team or have interest in the game will actually be what the team needs right now. This will be a guarantee amount in the clubs’ budget and it will be better and bigger with time.

The benefits of this are obvious and immense as they have a direct impact. You will be contributing to the team irrespective of where you are. Internet is everywhere for you to access the download. With internet frauds common, at least you will be certain there is person responsible for the whole process. 

The accountability and transparency of the intention and process is for the world to see. To expedite the plan, there are no people trying to group here. The process of committees does not come into it. The meetings and forming quorums is not involved or drawing up constitutions.

There will be no need to open bank accounts and have signatories to disburse the funds. As private as this is, there is one man accountable. The publisher gets the payments and deposits funds in a bank account after deducting taxes and publication fees.

At a cost of a cup of coffee and a sandwich from you and a few friends, together we can do more. The success of the initial project will turn this e-Book into your magazine based on or on its own.

The system works very effectively with any leadership in place and is long term. To be a successful, the sustenance must endure despite being a personal sacrifice to help the team.

As much as it is not an easy to trust or be trusted, it is a risk one must take, because there is strength in numbers, especially those who claim to have the team at heart.

In your community, ensure all your colleagues make the purchases. Look at it as making a purchase and enjoying the product while your responsibility to help is done. It is about what the team gets for the product you buy and own.

Readers who are not even followers or lovers of the team will be making their purchases too. Take responsibility and take action. Sitting and watching other teams being innovative got the team nowhere.

Supplementing the Club's coffers in general and specific ways must not be an individual’s burden. This must involve all in every corner of the planet and any aliens from elsewhere who have no doubt known Mantengwane in years gone by. Highlanders have suddenly become a breeding ground for players who get window dressed and snapped for a song, if not free.

All can help. Your pledge for the love and worthy cause of Tshilamoya and encouraging others makes one an asset to the team and that is invaluable. This virgin project cannot wait for people from other teams to copy the idea and even make it a success while we dilly-dally. Being not first and expecting the team to be, is na├»ve.

Getting new players or paying sign-on fees for those retained will be easier. Paying your life membership at $80 and your annual subscriptions is key. Maybe it is now possible to join online at the moment. Try to get someone to do it too.

While that financial independence vehicle is moving forward, a parallel and complementary system needs an immediate and effective implementation. We will discuss that in the next series.

Of a large population in the diaspora claiming have the love of the team, the worthy cause of Bosso should spur all and sundry to pay a match fee of $2.

The team plays friendly matches and around forty matches per season are played. Given the distance and inaccessibility of online banking and the club’s bank account details, these funds have to be deposited in a piggy bank every weekend until the last match.

Year after year and with growing numbers, the club would realise over $2 400 000 annually, besides the cash from this book or magazine sales.

As all business ventures, the contract between the club and co-ordinators of the projects should be specific and make financial sense to the parties involved.

Revisiting income projections, the assumption is the 30 000 (very small figure this) ‘diasporans’ faithfully contributing their $2 for 40 matches (weeks) in a season. It amounts to $60 000 a week,
and over 40 weeks, it is mega bucks.

If all get the copies of this book as pointed out earlier, the annual income from the supporters will surpass a $4 000 000 figure. Surely, the club would do with that amount for the salaries and transfer market as well as junior or youth development projects.

It is in this way that the fans can suggest and adopt projects to be undertaken without the burden of the executive committee. There is too much expectancy and dependency of the leadership of the club led people to sit and only question what the bosses are doing with one, two, three. Do not ask, act.

The issue of risk and mistrust kept many people at bay and under those conditions, the team almost suffered a natural death. Operating under any institution requires scruples and true commitment. 

The ridiculous attitude that is symbiotically devoid of transparency and results cannot be acceptable to true fans. 

Your suggestions and concerns in many platforms cannot be a barometer of passion, but maybe Only a show-off of your intellect and societal standing. All must appreciate that one's activity and contribution at any given time will have an impact. 

Your keen interest about what is going on at the club, must equally and crucially be matched is what is coming from the fans’ pocket into the club. That is symbiosis.

That is what all 30 000 beautiful fans of Highlanders should be thinking. Of all the calculations and
assumptions, the belief is that 30 000 is a minimum number of people who would watch the team if the opportunity arose.

Frankly, that figure is too generous. I believe that number is double. It would not matter if all were negative individuals who contribute nothing. Imagine if only two people were committed to the worthy cause. That would count for nothing.

While there may be a strong supporter base on the ground, it is usefulness if it is still to be realised and utilised. The structures will have to be set up, but to many, the supporters’’ role is to question and query.

These institutions need to take aim at one target over a year or so and accomplish something meaningful. The need to materialise some dreams for the benefit of the club and team tops the agenda of growth-minded bodies.

With the potential revenue of the club supporters, in case the executive becomes ‘unhelpable’ by refusing such funds as once experienced before, or are not cooperative in accepting fans’ donations, $5 000 000 that can be raised annually can rebuilt The Clubhouse.

Without a shadow of doubt, over 10 years, a stadium can be built. The opportunities are endless for the openminded, but how open is your mind?

The Club needs radical changes to the approach of fundraising and engage an aggressive business plan.

From the book; "What Highlanders Need Right Now! currently available on as an e-book, Kindle version and paperback for $0.99 limited promotion. Keutsepilemang Ndebele is a former Highlanders Football Club Technical Advisor (2001).