Monday, December 13, 2010

A lesson for teams like Highlanders, very free

There has been a few unfortunate or fortunate cases depending on the verdicts and point of view you may elect to suit yourself, in matters that have since been dubbed Asiagate by the Press of a certain nation of diamonds.

Unfortunate because of the immoral acts and hence the banning of leading individuals in betting scandals from football and the fall in the rankings of Zimbabwe in FIFA standings. Yet, fortunate enough for those who made the quick bloody buck and are still smiling at the dirty dollar power. Another name for it is, 'easy money'.

African champions, TP Mazembe were also investigated for Far East betting scandals. There may be a case for them to answer, but I will tell you something. TP can play ball. They were a revelation, at least to me, when they beat Mexican champions at the Club World Cup in Abu Dhabi. The team is a well oiled machine with tremendous potential.

Of note, is their pace. The accelerate and maintain an attacking momentum consistently. The passing accuracy is a joy to watch. The length and weight of the ball is always superb. Then there is the ball control to match. It is one synonymous with great players of old. Highlanders had players like Makheyi Nyathi and Benjamin Nkonjera. Team-mates always referred to these guys as magnetic to the ball.

The team is extremely competitive and fights for each other. The confidence rubs off the other players and as the match wears on, the cohesion improves the mentality of the team. The sorry state was the finishing in front of goal. Nonetheless, teams like Highlanders have a lot to learn because they are in the same mould. They must compete at the same level. They still have to arrive at the mini league stage and that is exactly what it takes to get there, and it is not magic.

I wish to get your comments if you watched the same match.