Friday, December 10, 2010

Should Highlanders Striking players play without pay?

Highlanders players are on strike over unpaid salaries and bonuses. They have been playing on hungry stomachs after the departure of Mohammed Fathi, throwing their bodies on the line for Mkhuphali Masuku, but hunger has taken its toll. Bosso has been seeking to find common ground with the players, but their next match against Kiglon at BF is now doubtful.

Hopefully, this was a season for a lot of lessons for Bosso. As we all knwo, education doesn't come free and it is a pity that the lessons that the Executive leant, have been lessons to previous committees who have 'degrees' on the matters of governing the sport. The Chaiperson and company embarked on extremely expensive education.

Amahlolanyama paid for playing football that did not attract spectators. People want to spend their hard earned cash on quality week in and week out. Bosso went on to give away Dynamos huge sums of money and points when the crowd caused the abandonment of a league match at BF. They took an ill-advised route of taking football to court of law for their own mischief. Bosso walked off Dembare in the BancABC Cup which they decided not to win.

Owing gazillions to Madinda Ndlovu, Vusumuzi Dube and others, Bosso went on to let the Fathi case go to court while they knew they had to pay. Now they will pay his and the costs. In all their unwinnable cases, they have to pay costs too.

As if it cannot get worse, they must just pay what they owe him, Madinda Ndlovu and now, a long list of their players who have amassed 10 wins in a row. That is a lot of money and now, their number one priority. What more can they tell the players? It is Christmas time and their children and wives are waiting. Garden and Home technicians are getting their salaries and end of year bonuses and I can not accept my wife running away with technician, no way.

Highlanders bosses said they are certain the match against Kiglon will be on as they run around to 'talk to a few people'. I guess this means they will have secured funds by then. If they come your way, give them your credit card and pin number and let they boys have something for the feastive season, please.

Meanwhile, Dynamos will finally engage Caps United in the 'Bosso delayed' BancABC Sup8r final at the National Sports Stadium. It may be that the players are 'Cup sick' at the thought that they should have been playing in the finals or at least, if the money was not wasted chasing a dead case, they would have been paid their dues. It must be pointed out though, that the monies wasted were the monies that were not even available.

How else can Bosso raise money, instead of moving from door to door?