Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Something very wrong about Carlos Tevez

I am tempted to express my great disappointment about one of the finest footballers on the planet. Carlos Tevez was almost winning my heart soon after his departure from Manchester United to City. He represented something I believe a player should be.

Tevez always came to me as someone with a big heart and ambition. He reflected great workmanship and work-rate. The Argentinian captain scored fantastic goals and seemed an inspiration to many. He projected an intelligent outlook and was set for successes.

The 2010 FIFA World Cup did not do him much favours and he was an ordinary players despite his toil. The failure by his national team that included Lionel Messi under the guidance of Diego Maradona, took a lot out of him as it knocked his football down, they say. He cried of leaving football altogether, or even going back to Argentina.

Tevez was reported to be unhappy with the coach and he was quoted as missing his 2 daughters. Reports went further to say he had a depression problem to deal with. Whatever the reasons came by, each one of them ate away any respect I had for the talented man I now feel guilty to call talented.

Someone though, is not telling us the truth. Tevez cannot be missing his daughters. The guy earns so much money that he can either have them move in or they can visit him every weekend. The sheiks give him enough money that it cannot be an issue at any day. It could be the agent takes all the money and leaves him with peanuts, but I do not buy it. Still, the guy throws tantrums like confetti. For him to be under 28 and say he is tired of football, he must think we are as childish to believe it. 

Diego Maradona was seen at the Craven Cottage when Manchester City decided to run riot over Fulham. Could it be that Tevez is sabotaging Roberto Mancini to pave way for Diego? Someone must tell us the truth here. We saw how much performance the presence of Maradona drew out of both Tevez and country man, Zabaletta on the day.

Maybe, it could be that he married a wife who will neither get along the English and their European weather, or the Spanish lady is just allergic to the language and cannot stand the disgust of her children speaking and learning English. The Abu Dhabi billionaires can build an insulated house with the cheap reject crude oil to give warmth for the family 24/7. They can hire home school Spanish teachers for his children. This can benefit a lot of other Spanish footballers' children if they can pay for the services as well to reduce expenses.

At the end of the day, I am not the only one who now mistrusts Carlos Tevez. His potential employers will be wary of him. He is a far less professional than the world thought. For his exploits and talent, what a waste. If comes round and tells us he is now sorted out, you will believe him at your own risk. In the meantime, let's all seek the truth and if you find it, please feel free to share. For now, we leave it that we are conned.