Friday, August 6, 2010

Her Majesty's Royal Adultery.

It is necessary to acknowledge the death of Chief Khayisa Ndiweni, the 97-year-old traditional leader who expired peacefully at his Ntabayezinduna homestead a few days ago. May his soul rest in peace.


(Pic from Zimdiaspora)

Meanwhile it should be common knowledge to you by now that Her Royal Majesty, the Queen of Swaziland, had scored a justice Minister of Swaziland. Her Highness, the Queen, 12th player of the Ngwenyama FC, King Mswati the 111, the amorous Nothando Dube unjustly gave top royal service to Minister who resigned. 

The very beautiful Queen is said to have dribbled through security issues to the grand stadium for her tournaments. The security agents tackled her from behind a little too late as she had already scored a hat-trick. The Ngwenyama's defence is reported to have gone to East Asia when the skillful beauty showed fancy 'footwork' to do justice to the lucky minister.

She had been left on the bench for a while, being rusty due to lack of action but now she is now undoubtedly in the fore-front of things, having a lot of game time. The team is likely to loan her out or she may face expulsion from the Royal Palace, a move the ex-justice guy may feel indebted to His Royal Majesty for life, if he keeps that life himself.

Swaziland is a landlocked country that has been home to a few footballers we knew. The national team is Isihlangu. Common teams here include Mbabane Highlanders, Manzini Wanderers, Mbabane Swallows and Malati Chiefs. The most popular stadium here is Somhlolo Stadium, the home of Isihlangu.

One team that was relegated from the top-flight last season, is 11 Men in Flight. This is the team the late great King Of Football, Stanley Sinyo Nduduma died serving. The league is quite small and weak and the salaries not good sometimes. Master Masiku has played there. Benjamin Moyo spent a few years as coach in Swaziland.