Monday, August 2, 2010

Arsene Wenger On Frimpong For England. Genuine?

Emmanuel Frimpong

(Frimpong in action for England Under-16's against Germany in 2008)

Theo Walcott once seemed a solution to the English national team's woes, and rightly so. The Arsenal speedy winger was taken to Germany by Goran Sven Erickson in 2006 at the recommendation of coach Arsene Wenger. Theo came back to the Premiership to blow hot and cold. As a Gunner then myself, I saw him as one for the future. Objectively, he was blowing more cold than hot.

Fabio Capello rightly left Theo Walcott, with all my blessings, to the 2010 FIFA World Cup. To be fair, Theo was beset by injuries that killed his rhythm and feel for the game. With all the dust settled, it comes as no surprise why Capello surprised every one but me, by leaving him out. Unless he matures later, he will be a player that never reached his potential.  

As for Wenger, I am his biggest fan. He seems bent on making his single most grievious mistake of keeping Cesc Fabregas at the Emirates against the player's will. Knowing Cesc, he won't tell Wenger to his face that he is done at Arsenal. Wenger expects him to say it. It is unlike the Frenchman to deal this way with his own.

At this moment, you think of Emmanuel Adebayour. He may have been criticised the way he went to Manchester City. If this was what would have followed, all must forgive him for that crazy celebration. I think Arsenal must consider Fabregas' feeling and let him fulfil his desires. If it is a mistake on his part, let him be the one to make it, not Wenger or Arsenal.

My point was Frimpong. Arsene Wenger is so pleased with this 18 year boy after a Man-of-the Match performance against Celtics of Scotland, when the Gunners won the Emirates Cup. Wenger, as the man I know, urged England to swoop on him as a matter of urgency. His point? Frimpong was born in Accra, Ghana and came to England as an 8-year-old lad.

Frimpong has so far played for England Under-16 and 18 age groups. Ghana may be giving him a senior cap soon. That will make him illegible to play for England. His desire is to play for the Black Stars. Frankly, it's two birds with one stone. In this way, Wenger has a less 'foreigner quota' to worry about. The new laws that stipulate that teams must have at least so many home grown players is a big issue for teams like Arsenal who lots of French and African players.

While his suggestion helps England, I think he has his manpower list to worry about, not a genuine English romance. What do you think?