Sunday, February 27, 2011

When lightining strikes

Lighting strike twice. In Africa, it can be purchased and be sent to strike. The female one is the dearer one because of its prowess and devastating cruel strike. It is even more dangerous if it is on heat. The buyer has to play the husband or purchase the male to go with it. Does the bill fit Manchester United's march to glory, Arsenal's glory at Wembley or Barcelona's dominance in La Liga?

The Gunners have earned their road to Wembley as they date Birmingham City in the Carling Cup final. It has been a long while that they were here. They are on course to come back twice more, in the UEFA Champions League and FA Cup if they dispatch Barcelona and League Two outfit Leyton Orient and then United and so forth. Do they have the pedigree to achieve the feat. I can only say that the 2 immediate obstacles standing in their way mirrors their fortunes to date; football giants Barca they beat and football minnows Orient they failed to beat. They still have to prove their brand of football is not a counterfeit version of Barcelona football.

In the Barclays Premier League, Manchester United are the wounded displaced champions. Of course Gunners here look a little dangerous. However, the Red Devils look multi-horned to gore all evil coming their way after their win against Wigan Athletic. They are on heat. Sir Alex Ferguson has forgotten who Chelsea and Manchester City are, and rightly so. The pretenders have since faded into their rightful places. On this front, Arsenal are unlikely to take the lead anytime this season. It is not easy to be inconsistent and then stand on the rooftop and scream for a donation of 4 points. United still have fixtures.

With an embarrassing draw 0-0 against Deportivo La Coruna, Real Madrid have kissed it goodbye. Jose Mourinho is an astute tactician of unequalled proportion. Barcelona beat Real Mallorca by 2-0. All the Galactico can achieve now is the Champions League. While The Special One will tell you there is still a chance for the title. Realistically, Madrid can only save face by glory in Europe. I guess this will be more sweeter to Jose than the title as this will set a record no one may ever equal. His bosses are fed up with the Catalan making them wives, but for the great one, it will always be more personal.

As for the road to Wembley, Arsenal are likely to panic and wilt under the heat of expectation. Apart from their pay masters and fans, they feel they owe it to themselves to win and put to rest the monkey that has been on their back for six years. One thing for sure, monkeys do not give up rides that easy. All the best to the Gunners.