Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kennedy Ndebele appointed PSL CEO

The Zimbabwe Premier League has appointed Kennedy Ndebele as the substantive Chief Executive Officer of the league. His hands will be full, given issues concerning the level of professionalism in the league, sponsorship, recovering fines levied against offenders (clubs, players or officials) when they are either promoted or demoted, player transfers, footballers playing for two leagues in one season due to poor registration and ensuring players are cleared by the club and their affiliates during transfer-window periods to avoid wrangles.

It has been mentioned that this will be achieved by centralising the player register to monitor players, but it will not be easy meat. That is why in South Africa, the PSL runs the First Division as it is feeder league. There are players who by-pass this league of course. Ndebele has always wanted Zimbabwe Soccer Coaches Association (Zisca) to come on board to clarify the licensing system among other things.

A refreshing way forward will be the interest the league will take in awards that are voted for by the Sports Writers Association of Zimbabwe. This will clarify the criteria for various awards. A huge step in getting things above board is their intention to have feel the referees and coaches’ associations must be involved in selection of their members for their respective accolades. I feel coaches must also have a huge say in who become the best players in the league.

There were plans to PSL to have security officers trained by a Fifa security expert on football related crowd control. This will be hard given that the police can be over zealous sometimes and go over board to ignite trouble from attention seeking youngsters. Crowd trouble marred a lot of last season's main matches threatening the image of the game and scarring away existing and potential sponsors.