Saturday, February 19, 2011

This Chelsea side is tired, completely fatigued.

When the 2010/2011 Barclays Premier League started after the South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup in August, instead of building up the conditioning and technical qualities, Chelsea were already in peak condition. For aging warriors, the physiological nature of the locomotion system is taking its toll. Over and above, the mature team is mentally fatigued.

The situation is neither helped by the lack of form by Didier Drogba and a bad business idea by purchasing the spent force in Fernando Torres. There is an unbelievable amount of unbelief in self for Frank Lampard, John Terry and Flourent Malouda. Body language tells me lack of confidence in the coach by the players. They will not break a leg for Carlo Ancellotti.

Basic principles of training will tell you the need for progressive loading and for a team like Chelsea, age of the material at your disposal plays a vital role. Italians are usually hard on physical conditioning. Actually, they believe in mental discipline which they enforce by physical training. This is the last thing The Blues need. Arsenal would do well with that, bur Arsene Wenger being French, will cater for the physical condition with the ball. This develops both the technical and tactical aspects of football as a side effect and by-products.

The attitude of the Spanish, Portuguese, French and eastern Europe is to have fun playing football. It is still sport more than it is business. Germans and Italians are still rigid while the English are suffering the dilution of the good with the bad. Chelsea are the obvious beneficiaries of the ugly side of it.

Chelsea are well over a period when they should have stopped training or even camping before matches. They should just be meeting on match days at the match venue ready to play. These players are increasingly getting frustrated on the pitch. A few of Chelsea players have been injured for a while. In many of these cases, the injuries take far too long to heel. This is a matter of bad physical conditioning and training methods as well as the excessive fatigue, mentally and physically.

After making a bad decision to buy Torres, they went on to loan Daniel Sturridge away to Bolton. For the young striker, that was the best thing that could have happened as he is guaranteed first team football as long as he is fit. To prove a point, he is scoring regularly. Chelsea, who could not pull off an FA Cup 4th round result out of the bag against Everton at Stanford Bridge today, now depend on divine intervention. Their legs cannot carry them anymore.

If Roman Abrahamovic, Chelsea billionaire owner, fires Ancellotti,  it will not surprise any one at all. Actually, we are all surprised it has not happened. Any names for potential candidates? Rule me out.