Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chelsea come right as Real show good signs

Chelsea scored two vital goals through Nicholas Anelka in the UEFA Champions League quarter-final away to Coppenhagen. It was a welcome relieve to the coach whose job hangs on a bigger thread than yesterday. Fernando Torres played way better for me and he may soon be a former self. He had a few chances squandered but the overall picture was that The Blues are still with us a day longer.

Real Madrid dominated the first half possession but were far less penetrative against dangerous Lyon in France. Bastos threatened with every touch and the dull first half was illuminated by the introduction of Kareem Benzema who replaced Emmanuel Adebayor and scored within a minute of coming on. Madrid will have to defend better to convincingly beat the French side at the Bernebeu.

While we await further matches tonight, it is worth our while to note how strong Tottenham Hotspur perform in Europe and their very next domestic fixture is a dull affair. Spurs were comprehensively thumped 3-1 by Blackpool in a league match last night. All but one of their post Europe matches ended up in embarrassing defeats. While their quality is dented by injuries, the whole thing is basically psychological.

Who is your money on tonight?