Sunday, August 1, 2010

Zim Looking For A Coach but The Dog Ate My CV.

I had two CVs. One I sent to the Crave Cottage where new Coach Mark Hughes is looking to beef up their Fulham squad by Manchester City crack striker Craig Bellamy, Stephen Ireland and over-rated Roque Santa Cruz. They will forward this to the Argentinian Football Association, who got an Olympic Gold winning coach a 2 match contract, after which they will look at my CV. The other, the dog ate. Zimbabwe's Warriors want a brand new coach. Sunday Marimo left that job for Free State Stars FC of South Africa.

The Warriors are being coached on caretaker basis by former international and Captain, Norman Mapeza. I can not confirm he has handed in his CV. My humble opinion would be that he is doing a bad job, so they are advertising the vacancy. Rahman Gumpo is one coach who will be suitable for the post. ZIFA claim not to care whether local or not, but they will be getting someone they can afford and all in due time.

I am not aware how Charles Mhlauri left. From where I am, he seemed to have had things well handled. It usually boils down to personalities, isn't it? The new coach will be working with a man who has an expat sounding tongue twister name as his advisor. If they are looking for someone to be advised at this stage, that hunt is surely not for me. To be  a little fair though, the said guy is doing development, I really do not have details on that one.

There may be an issue with personalities if my other candidate option comes into the mix. Madinda Ndlovu greatly suits the bill for a national coach hands down. As a sign of a good coach, Shakes doesn't take bull from anyone. And I like that about him. 53 Livingstone is not really known to let people operate like that. I talk from dinosaur years and things may be different now. With Madinda there is one huge advantage. The so-called 'advisor' is German. It will be nice for Shakes to recall a few phrases and awake some memories of the time he was in Germany with Willard Mashinkila Khumalo.

The aspect of the national team coaching job comes in entangled with some strings attached. The post of manager becomes critical for the success of the coach. Team doctors, psychologists and assistants become key issues. Usually foreigners get to choose, except at their request, when they do not know the local people. With local coaches, the staff you work with is forced down your throat.

For a good and complete use of available resources, Peter Ndlovu would do well to be team manager. It will not work if Madinda gets the job. It may be a bad idea altogether, as it may, because actually Peter wants to be a coach. Placing managerial responsibilities on a possible successor is very bad idea.

If however, I got the dog to vomit my CV, and I dried and ironed it straight and posted it before 16 August 2010, I am sure I would get the job. First of all, Peter Ndlovu would be my assistant for sure. I would recruit my own manager and doctor. It may be necessary to get a team cook and masseurs as well. Maradona quit when his masseurs was not part of the deal. We learn from the masters of ball.